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Runtime Typecasting.

Several people asked me to write something linkable about my recent name and gender change, so here's an initial sketch.

All four names (original/new * Chinese/English) are listed on the Wikipedia page about me. The new names had replaced original ones in my passport and national ID card (yes, .tw does have such things), so legal documents -- including copyright notices -- need to carry the new name.

I'm okay with people addressing me with the handle autrijus, but "Audrey Tang" is much preferred over "Autrijus Tang".  I have also changed my IRC nickname from autrijus to audreyt in magnet, ircnet and freenode.

About the gender change: I've been shutting Reality off and lived almost exclusively on the net for many years, because my brain knows for sure that I'm a woman, but the social expectation demanded otherwise -- a classic transgender situation that caused high background anxiety, making it difficult for me to meet and relate to other people.

With love and support from many people (my lover/partner, several camelfolks and lambdafolks, my family, a few real-world friends), I decided to reconcile my outward appearance with my self image (which, among the myriad of gender identity labels, is perhaps closest to a winkte).

Now things had improved a lot after a few minor operations, adjustments in appearance, as well as counseling; more surgeries are expected in the future.

As such, for people writing or speaking in languages that have gender-specific pronouns, I would very much prefer female pronouns for all of past, present and future tenses. Thanks for your understanding. :-)


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Heh, nice title. Lets break the barriers between compile-time and run-time behavior!

May your days be many
and your troubles be few
May all God's blessings
descend upon you.
May peace be within you
may your heart be strong.
May you find what you're seeking
wherever you roam.


How would you prefer people refer to your pronoun in the past, when you were known as Autrijus?

While the obvious thought is to say "I met Autrijus when she talked at YAPC in 2003," I know transgendered people who prefer their old name/identity not change pronouns.

And agreed with Trope- nice title for this post.

Trope, da: Thanks! :-)

Da: I'd much prefer "I met Audrey when she talked at YAPC in 2003", but if it feels inconvenient and/or awkward, feel free to still use the "Autrijus" handle.

Hi Audrey,

I have to honestly tell you, that I was surprised a bit - it couldn't be easy to manage it for you. I wish you strong persistence and enough power in your faith! I think you are a great person. Girl power rulez. :)

Hi Audrey!

Still quite courageous to do that. Respect.

I think there are way too few female hackers in this world. So you not only bring balance to yourself but also into our world.

BTW, you probably already know the movie "Beautiful Boxer". If not, here's the link:


Steffen: Thanks. :-) I didn't know that movie, but it sounds interesting indeed. I'll see if I can find it around here...

Hi Audrey,

I just wanted to congratulate you on having the strength to move forward with this. (I would have said something sooner, but I just noticed this journal entry).

Looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you!


Dear Audrey,
A friend of mine forwarded your story (today's UDN news) to me. I put my reflections and best wishes on my own blog.

Henriette: Much thanks.

The link to Lynn's writeup ( http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/conway/TS/TS.html#anchor322586 ) on your site is very helpful; it integrates from various sources into a compelling narrative that I find quite enlightening. :-)

hi, 唐鳳
新聞很大, 不確定其他人會怎麼想
我一開始意外, 但我知道妳的家人會支持妳,而且這是妳的決定
但對我來說, 有部分的疑惑是

Hi, 唐鳳

It's such a great thing to know parts of you.


Hi there,

Long time no see, how are you? I am not sure if you still remember me? This is Alex from 104.com Just want to say hi and good to know you can finally be yourself. Best Wishes


Embracing a newl life is difficult.Sometimes it requires courage and insistence to move on.
I am experience it now.


Hi, Audrey.
I read the news and found your blog. Your choice is cool and so is your blog.

Keep in touch.

PS: Do you remember "Audrey Chen" in Inforian?

I suppose you didn't changed your email address?

congratulations, anyway.

男的女的,so what?自在就好。

Hi Audrey:


Hi Audrey:
Earring is nice!
I also put my feeling on my own blog.Bless you :p


Hi, 唐鳳

我今天做了一些和以往不一樣的事情(比如說我終於把一整櫃的書整理完了),聽了一隻新的唱片(Gloomy Sunday的原聲帶),順帶一提,Gloomy Sunday是很棒的電影。


Hi 唐鳳
this is a good name, implying a newborn phynix.
i would like to thank you for widenning my perspecitves on the issues of transgender and homosexual, though i have got more confused at these two issues. Is there a psychological difference between transgender and homo ?

Jonny: Yes, there is. The two are almost completely orthogonal -- read http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/conway/TS/TS.html for a basic introduction, especially the "(i) confusion of TG'ism and TS'ism with being Gay" part. :-)

On that last note, another transgender person I knew used to be a lesbian female, and is now a homosexual male. Go figure :-)

So cool u r!

Hi Audrey,

It's Jesse's friend Kitty - we met in London a while back.

Just saw this and wanted to say hi, and I'm glad you're happier, and I hope to see you the next time you're in London.



I'm late to the party, Audrey!

Congratulations on finding your way!!!

I only just found out - congratulations on your courage.

God bless you, Tang!

Audrey, we still love you. That hasn't changed. But hey, if you ever want to know where the great places to shop are, call me Girl! :-D

Grace and Peter: Thanks! :-D

A friend of mine sent me your PDF about Rhox (Oscon), I find the ideas described there very familiar and wanted to say, if my judgement means anything, that you're one of the smartest programmers I have ever read.

Btw, being so open about a gender change is unique and charming.

MichalT: Thanks for your kind words. :-)

Hi Audrey! Thansk for your YAPC::Asia talk, it got me very excited about Perl6. Needless to say your Pugs work is probably one of the more impressive and inspiring pieces of (Haskell) code I've ever encountered. I'm happy for you that you can finally be yourself!

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