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It would be very cruel to bring you a website about radio programming and then not allow you to hear anything of how it sounded.  So, sit back and relax as you listen to these audio recordings related to Boss Radio 93/KHJ and other Drake-Chenault radio programming:

  • Ancient KHJ: This is one of earliest known airchecks of any radio station in the United States. Listen to 2 minutes of radio station KHJ recorded on September 2, 1931 featuring vocalist Bing Crosby: 1931 KHJ (2:00) MP3, 1.84 MB
  • KHJ Two Minute History: Radio station KHJ at 930 on the AM dial in Los Angeles has been broadcasting since 1922. Using recordings provided for use on this site, I produced a history of the sounds of KHJ for people with short attention spans. You know who you are. You’ll travel very quickly from the earliest days as a Don Lee station to Bill Drake to the rhythm of Southern California to the country music format and finally to the Spanish language programming and the return in the year 2000 to the original KHJ call letters:
  • Jingles: The catchy musical productions that identify a station and its imagery are very popular with listeners and radio industry people alike. Here you can play back recordings of various jingles and listen to them over and over.
  • Promos:  One of the most memorable aspects of the Boss Radio format was its use of “promos”—musical promotional productions that were separate from the  singing jingles.

    Listen to one of the earliest Boss Radio promos, called “The New KHJ.” It featured lyrics written by Ron Jacobs, and music and singing by The Beach Boys (adapted from the hit, “Little Duece Coupe") with Boss Jocks Robert W. Morgan, Roger Christian, The Real Don Steele and others. This demonstrates vividly that some White guys can’t rap:
    THE NEW KHJ PROMO, 1965 (1:40) MP3, 786 KB

    Other promos successfully linked 93/KHJ with highly popular television shows at that time like Star Trek and Batman.
    1966 Star Trek promo (1:02) MP3, 491 KB
    1966 Batman promo (1:15) MP3, 587 KB
  • K100 “Only the Beginning” Promos:  These promos in 1974 promised the listeners that they were hearing “only the beginning” of the “dawn of a new radio day” in Los Angeles with the new Drake-Chenault radio format in stereo on FM (instead of in monaural on the AM dial on KHJ.)  Robert W. Morgan is the main voice talent on these promos.
    K100 Promo #1 (:36) MP3, 573 KB
    K100 Promo #2 (:40) MP3, 634 KB
    K100 Promo #3 (:40) MP3, 637 KB
  • The Real Don Steele Sign-Offs: If you had to select only one "most dinstinctive aspect" of Boss Radio, it certainly would be the Friday afternoon sign-offs by The Real Don Steele. Never before had such a unique radio sign-off been done. Steele would shout his relevant rhymes in the “Neon Fun Jungle that is Los Angeles,” and assure us that “Tina Delgado is alive, alive!” But, you have to hear these for yourself on reelradio.com since mere words on a screen cannot accurately describe how he sounded.

    “You Can’t Sit Down” by the Phil Upchurch Combo (1961) was the song used by The Real Don Steele as his music bed.  Or, at least he used two minutes of it. When Steele arrived at K100, he naturally wanted a stereo music bed since he was now on FM and in stereo. Under his direction and guidance, I worked with him in the K100 production room and did physical edits (the old-fashioned way using a razor blade and white splicing tape!) to blend both sides of the 45 rpm stereo single into a remix that matched exactly the original KHJ version he had used for many years.

    You can hear
    two K100 Steele Sign-Offs on reelradio.com. And here is that very rare 1973 stereo remix that I produced for him: STEELE STEREO SIGN-OFF MUSIC BED (3:15) MP3, 2.24 MB
  • Taped Syndication of Radio Programming: Because there were yet no orbiting satellites around this planet to help distribute syndicated radio programming in the 1960s and 1970s, Drake-Chenault radio programming was produced and recorded for open reel audio tapes that were physically shipped to hundreds of radio stations.

    Hear a demo of “Hitparade 68” (one of the earliest Drake-Chenault taped syndicated radio programming services) narrated by Bill Drake, himself.  This will give you a real taste of how KHJ-FM in Los Angeles and KRFC-FM in San Francisco sounded in the late 1960s:
    HITPARADE 68 DEMO (3:49) MP3, 3.5 MB

    After The Real Don Steele reappeared on Los Angeles radio in the early 1970s on K100, Drake-Chenault produced the “The Real Don Steele Top 20/20” syndicated show for him.  Hear the lively and upbeat 1973 demo of
    STEELE TOP 20/20 (11:16) MP3, 10.3 MB

    “The History of Rock and Roll” is one of the most famous and beloved taped syndicated radio programming efforts from Drake-Chenault.  Listen to the opening couple of minutes from the 1980 version narrated by none other than Bill Drake, himself:
    History of Rock and Roll (2:29) MP3, 3.43 MB
  • Roger Christian: He was one of the original seven Boss Jocks and was on the air at K100. He narrated a music documentary about The Beatles in 1973 that I wrote and produced. This recording contains the famous "turn me on, dead man" line from the White Album and some of the most memorable music ever played backwards: Roger Christian (1:01) MP3, 483 KB.
  • John Lennon on KHJ: After the Drake-Chenault team was ousted by RKO management from KHJ in 1973, for a dozen or so subsequent years, countless consultants kept changing both the sound and style of the station. In 1974, for example, superstars of rock and roll were invited on the air to do their own thing live on the air.

    On September 20, 1974, the morning drive slot for one day only was held by John Lennon. His famous personality and wit are preserved in these rare recordings, where you also get to hear much of the late-1970s KHJ imagery and promos:

    JOHN LENNON on KHJ part 1 (4:15) MP3, 1.95 MB
    JOHN LENNON on KHJ part 2 (5:10) MP3, 2.37 MB
    JOHN LENNON on KHJ part 3 (4:07) MP3, 1.80 MB
  • Bill Drake Promo:  After KHJ switched to a country music format, Bill Drake voiced a promo for KCHZ-FM in Pasadena, but could not help laughing as he recorded it:  Bill Drake KCHZ-FM Promo (:45) MP3, 718 KB

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