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Smudged Away





For decades after the Kent State shootings in 1970, several magazines unknowingly ran a sloppily manipulated version of the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning photo by John Filo. See if you can figure out what's missing from the manipulated photo compared to the original.



haha the stake in the head

A 2 foot nail sticking out of the top of the womans head ?

blood on the sidewalk near his left leg.

The person on the far right changed their pants.

The giant pole that appears to be balancing on her head while looking at the sun.

Missing is stick on top of head and the entire photo was brightened

Weapons around the belt of the figure on the far right -- a soldier perhaps?

What magazines actually ran the altered version?

Changing the brightness isn't a significant alteration; it doesn't alter anything that was present in the original exposure - but airbrushing out the post, inconvenient though its location, violates the integrity of the original!

Definetly the post - the weapons/pants arn't missing - just darkened so you can't see them - notice all the other photos are darkened as well.

I feel sorry for the photographer, that is a great shot, but the pole out of the head is very distracting once you notice it. The second photo does look better.

You feel sorry for the photographer? How about the dead guy?

Yeah. It's called false attachment.

The penis in the hand of the crying lady.

they exposed it properly

What a terrible airbrush job. I know, this was before Photoshop, but come on!

those aren't weapons you retards, he is wearing frayed jeans, he's a hippy!

The stream of blood from the victim was removed. It flowed near the feet of the person standing near the victim's feet right at the edge of the bystander's shadow.

There are two things 'brushed.

1. The stick "on" her head.
2. The slight darkness at the bottom of the picture, which is, presumably, blood.

"The stream of blood from the victim was removed. It flowed near the feet of the person standing near the victim's feet right at the edge of the bystander's shadow."

The BOTTOM photo is the manipulated photo you retards. CAN'T YOU READ?!? According to your logic, they ADDED that stream of blood.

For those of you saying there was weapons and blood are all wrong.

The official statement from TIME magazine about the source of the photo was that some anonymous person had airbrushed out the poll in the photo (which is obvious) in a darkroom and submitted it to the photo collection. There never was any blood, and suggesting otherwise is just idiocy.

The brightness was slightly altered and the poll was removed for aesthetic purposes.

I think the major difference was the stick that appears to be coming out of her head.

Also, the manipulated picture is cut off at the left side.

Larger version of (presumably) the original, though it's far lighter than the original shown here.

Has the highest resolution of the "doctored" image that i could find

Weapons of mass destruction.

Poll is what happened when Gallup asked Americans what they thought of our soldiers murdering our citizens. Pole is what appears to be growing out of her head.

yes. nice pole

The figure on the grassy knoll?

Most of these posts remind me of those memory tests they conduct with witnesses of the same crime scene or scenario. Accept that we don't have to rely on memory because the pictures are right here. I suggest taking more time and actually looking. Thanks...

Is it Ghostbusters II?

The midget, where da midget. Whitey erased the black people too.

Cool, her shirt says "Slave". I've never noticed that before.

How come the photo with Oswald's face superimposed on a guy holding the same kind of rifle that killed JFK is not on this list. What photographic manipulation has had more impact than that one?

Mr. Brady's plans are sticking out of that hippie girl's head.

Who cares. Ones less anti-war hippy to run for the Dems in the next election. I say nice shot.

This was nor changed by the photogapher but later by an editor.

nice job Eltwom

"What if you knew her and saw her dead on the ground?"

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