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Recovery Complex® Anti-Frizz products are enriched with patented, nourishing nanospheres. Nanospheres are microscopic, encapsulated moisturizers that deliver multi-functional active ingredients to the areas of the hair which need it most.

These nanospheres are positively charged and are designed to target and adhere to the most damaged areas of the hair.

Essential moisturizers are slowly released into the hair for long-lasting conditioning, protection and shine.

Bain de Terre’s exclusive blend of natural essential oils – including meadow foam seed, grape seed and mango seed oils – and a frizz-controlling silicone are released from inside the nanospheres to actively repair, protect, moisturize and add shine to hair.

All products contain sunflower seed extract, a UV inhibitor, that helps to protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun. The result is silky smooth, shiny, manageable hair that’s frizz-free.


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