ATA and American Red Cross Recruit Volunteer Interpreters

Partnership for Preparedness

Sign On to Serve

The American Translators Association and the American Red Cross (ARC) have announced a partnership to develop a nationwide volunteer network of professional interpreters. ATA's Interpreters Division has taken the lead in coordinating the initial pilot program, recruiting volunteers, and establishing ATA liaisons for each of the eight Red Cross Service Areas in the U.S.

This collaboration with ATA is part of ARC's plan to increase language capacity across the organization and become better able to serve all communities, especially as the 2006 hurricane season approaches. Under the agreement, ATA will recruit volunteers from its membership to serve as interpreters during disaster relief operations, and ARC will provide training opportunities in disaster services and community relations.

ATA participating volunteers will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of positions, depending on their interests and qualifications. Some will serve regionally as members of language banks or Disaster Action Teams, responding to local emergencies such as house fires -- by far the number one disaster in America. Others will join the Red Cross as members of the Disaster Services System, deploying to respond when major disasters, such as hurricanes, occur.

The ATA-ARC partnership is a special opportunity for ATA interpreters and translators to use their professional skills for the greater good. We encourage each of you to volunteer now to get involved and learn how you can make a difference.

ATA Interpreters Division

American Red Cross Service Areas and ATA Liaisons

ATA Liaisons work directly with local Red Cross Chapter personnel to assist in answering questions and recruiting volunteers.

Birmingham, AL

Coordinator: Vacant
Co-Coordinator: Elena Goldis
Cincinnati, OH
Coordinator: Muna Abdi
Co-Coordinator: Vacant
Des Moines, IA
Coordinator: Patricia Hillock
Co-Coordinator: Suzanne Couture
Las Vegas, NV
Coordinator: Nelson MacKenna
Co-Coordinator: Elizabeth Walsh
Houston, TX
Coordinator: Diane Teichman
Co-Coordinator: Jennifer Hammond
Sacramento, CA
Coordinator: Peter Gergay
Co-Coordinator: Claudia Kellersch
Co-Coordinator: Mireille Gaonac'h
Raleigh, NC
Coordinator: Cristina Krasny
Co-Coordinator: Patricia Chávez-Dietz
Worcester, MA Coordinator: Rudy Heller
Co-Coordinator: Caterina Sullivan

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