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Welcome to the home of Sacramento CQC. We are Sacramento California's official center for Close Quarters Combat training. We specialize in providing people from all walks of life including civilians, police officers, and military personnel with the skill sets necessary to survive any modern day altercation from either criminals or enemy soldiers. If you are serious about learning practical, real world self defense...look no further.

Within the pages of this website you will find some of the most valuable information you may ever read. You will find tips, tactics, and insight into modern violent threats such as multiple assailants, knife assaults, club or impact weapon threats, and tactical gun/counter gun solutions. You will also find information about our programs, workshops, and classes available for you to attend.

Self-Defense That Works!
 If you have been unsatisfied with what you have found out there that qualifies for are not alone. Many weekend seminars and classes are just karate or judo techniques disguised as modern solutions by instructors wearing street clothes. You are no more prepared for real violence when you leave than when you arrived.

 What makes CQC work? Our streamlined and modern training principles are the very same used by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world. These elite groups use this type of training because it gets results quickly and the trainees retain the information. Contrary to what you may have been told, it does not take 10 years or more to learn how to defend yourself! By integrating into your muscle memory patterns practical and tactical solutions to real world problems you may be faced with, we are now able to do in weeks what used to take years.

Don't Delay
 Providing yourself with the ability to defend yourself or your loved ones is not something you want to put off. Violent crime is ever present. You need the assurance and satisfaction of knowing that if ever faced with a dangerous situation, you would overcome the odds.

Call us today to set up a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation at 916-725-0267.

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