When the eviction result was announced, Billi said virtually nothing and just sat staring into space with a glazed, sombre expression.

A surprisingly upset Charley was the first person to comfort the model after Davina's announcement, her sadness contrasting with her rage during the pair's argument earlier this week.

The other housemates hugged Billi in turn, as he remained inexpressive and said nothing.

"I'm shocked," exclaimed Carole, "I'm just shocked."

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After the hugs, Billi sat on the sofa looking apprehensive, before finally letting the group into his private thoughts. "They were still booing me when they announced Carole's name," he told them anxiously. "I'm gonna get it out there."

The 25-year-old was confident that there would be plenty of people outside to greet him. "I've got a long list," he boasted.

But the housemate looked less self-assured as he paced the room, then attempted to enter the Diary Room to no avail.

"You're gonna get laid," Charley promised him.

"It's gonna be a long night," Billi predicted ominously. "It's gonna be a very long night."

And we've a feeling he's not referring to potential groupies...