This morning Amanda, Brian, Laura and Ziggy were asked to create a podcast about their 'Fantasy Dinner Party'.

Each housemate was instructed to choose a location, three courses, their ideal diners and who would make advances on them.

Ziggy went first, saying his dream dinner would be to share a meal with his family.

"Welcome to the Big Brother Fantasy Dinner Party," began Ziggy. "The location for my dinner party is gonna be Kate Moss's house."

Laura went next.

"The three course meal I'd like to be served would be," she pondered, "garlic mushrooms served on garlic bread with stilton cheese. My second course would be some nice chicken things with some barbecue sauce. My third course would be a nice lasagne."

When informed that the third course was meant to be a pudding Laura changed her second course to lasagne and considered her desert.

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"My third course would probably be something like a nice apple," she said "mm, a nice apple pie with custard or something."

Taking her turn, Amanda decided her dinner guests would be her sister Sam and her best friends.

"I'd invite them because they're so fun to hang around with," she giggled. "We'd discuss who was going out with who and which were the hottest boys so far of the year."

Brian then chose a kebab meal with "Mercedes out of Hollyoaks and Bianca Gascoigne. Though the first person he'd make advances toward would be... "Bianca Gascoigne."

Bad luck Mercedes, no hard feelings.

You can hear this culinary conversation in full by listening to the podcast here!