Members of Mohorjeva družba in the year 1900

This collection contains 21.650 of about 100.000 members of Society of Saint Mohor. The society was founded in second half of 19th century and was aimed to strengthen national feelings. It represents a high percentage of Slovenian families of that time. Slovenian Genealogical Society believes that a complete list of members could sometimes be a good tool to locate family names in corresponding places. The file is a prototype and was placed on the server as it is just to get an impression what users feel about it. Therefore it is very desirable that you tell us your opinion about the project. We would very much appreciate volunteers that are willing to enter the rest of the list. The file has several columns with codes. The first is the code of the submitter, second is roman number representing the bishopric (I = Gorica, IV = Ljubljana), the third is code for deanery within bishopric (see below), the fourth is family name, the fifth is name (usually abbreviated), the sixth is profession or condition, the seventh is consecutive number. The file mainly shows in which parish in Slovenia certain person or family had lived in the year 1900. Every suggestion or comment will be appreciated. Contact me at
Have fun! Peter
The complete list of parishes in Slovenia in 1900
Bishopric                Nr.Deanry              Entered

I - Goriška nadškofija    1 Bovec               Berginc
                          2 Cerkno              Berginc
                          3 Črniče              Berginc
                          4 Devin               Berginc
                          5 Gorica              Berginc
                          6 Kanal               Berginc
                          7 Kobarid             Berginc
                          8 Komen               Berginc
                          9 Kormin              Berginc
                         10 Ločnik              Berginc
                         11 Št. Peter           Berginc
                         12 Tomin               Berginc
                         13 Gradiška in Tržič   Berginc
                            8445 entries

IV - Ljubljanska škofija  1 Cerknica            Hawlina
                          2 Idrija              not yet
                          3 Kamnik              not yet
                          4 Kočevje             not yet
                          5 Kranj (Tržič only)  Hawlina
                          6 Leskovec            not yet
                          7 Litija              not yet
                          8 Ljubljana           Hawlina
                          9 Loka                Hawlina
                         10 Moravče             Markelj
                         11 Novo mesto          not yet
                         12 Postojna            not yet
                         13 Radoljica           Markelj
                         14 Ribnica             not yet
                         15 Semič               not yet
                         16 Šmarje              not yet
                         17 Trebnje             Markelj
                         18 Trnovo              not yet
                         19 Vipava              not yet
                         20 Vrhnika             Kobi
                         21 Žužemberk           not yet