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When blogs snipe

OK, "when blogs snipe" isn't quite as catchy as "When Doves Cry," but I do kind of enjoy it when a barbed wisecrack snideness comes up in the amiable world of music blogs. Here, for example, fairly far down the queue of Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Daily items, is a snide headline in an otherwise reasonably complimentary report on AOL Music's reasonably comprehensive and enjoyable list of music cliches. Fun for all ...

Yahoo for DDM

From time to time, especially in the absence of actual worthwhile music news, I will plug another music blog. Rolling Stone's and AOL's are very of the moment, reacting to and breaking news of the day. Yahoo! has a very different blog I wanted to bring to your attention today.

Yahoo! executive music editor Dave DiMartino (who, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit to having known for many years) has written tons of stories/profiles/interviews/essays/reviews over the years for CREEM, Mojo and many others. His brilliant solution to the challenge of filling the ever-ravenous maw of a blog is to unearth selected past writings of his and republish them. (Wish I'd thought of that, although you're probably better off not reading my old stuff.) This Janis Joplin piece is a good example of his style, wit and erudition. Check it out.