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Site designed and built by local residents within a course at Broadoak Community School

Old Church


The Vestry Book for the Old Church on the Hill records an entry for 1840 to the effect that it was in so bad a state of repair that a new church was deemed necessary. A site opposite the Manor was chosen and the new church was constructed and consecrated in 1844.

Services continued to be held on alternate Sundays in both churches until 5 April 1846 when those in the old church were abandoned.

In 1879 the roof to the old church was removed for safety reasons. The Bells, 5 of which date from the 18th century are in the key of A flat.

Old Church

William Bilbie of the famous Chewstoke family of bell founders cast 4 of them and they bear the inscription:
"Thomas Knyfton, Churchwarden, William Bilbie fecit 1775"
the tenor bell, in addition has the verse: "I to the Church the living call, And to the grave doth summon all"

The bells were recast in 1840 with a 6th bell given to the church in 1914 by Colonel C.E. Whitting of Uphill Grange. In 1904 the clappers were turned and the fittings renewed by the local wheelwright, to the great improvement of their tone.

1899 and restoration work on the clock at the new church began amid controversy over whether or not this work should include restoration of the chimes.

In 1953 even greater objection was taken by some in the village at the proposal to install recorded bells in the new church fearing, amongst other concerns that this would see the end to the ringing of the bells in the old church on the Hill and that "for those who live close to the new church, the noise will be very considerable".

St Nicholas Church

A petition to the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Bath and Wells was raised with the prospect of a Court sitting at Uphill until the proposal was finally dropped in December 1953.

In a letter to a supporter dated 5 January 1954 Miss Graves-Knyfton wrote: "It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you that the "Battle of the Bells" (The title by which is has been generally known) has been won, and there is great rejoicing in the village".

The Old Church, is open daily from Whitsun to September. Services are held on Sunday afternoons in August.  An Annual Service of Holy Communion is held on the second Sunday in July:

The Parish Church of St Nicholas is located at the northern end of the village and holds three Sunday services at 8.00 am, 10.30 am and 6.30pm.  It hosts other activities during the week.

The Methodist Chapel is near the Parish Church at the junction with The Paddocks on Uphill Road South. Sunday services are at 10.30 am and 6.30pm

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