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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Robert Priddy Lies About Lisa De Witt

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

Robert Priddy made the following comment about Lisa De Witt on the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia article:
We are not the ones who need to be careful as we do not break the laws on slander as Freelanceresearch has done on Yahoo groups sathyasaibaba2 endlessly... the same Lisa de Witt having even been banned from Wikipedia for that previously too! As usual, she makes big claims without anything that can be called supporting evidence - circumstantial or otherwise, as is seen above. I am stating fact, not slander without using derogatory terms like 'sleazy' (Refs: 01 - 02).

According to the Wikipedia Block Log For Freelanceresearch, she has never been "banned from Wikipedia" (although Andries tried and failed).

Another shameless lie and from ever-so-inaccurate Robert Priddy. It is also amusing to point out that Priddy, after having pressure put on him by both Lisa De Witt and myself, admitted that he made a mistake and retracted his comment. He said:
I wish to correct my former statement that Lisa de Witt was banned from Wikipedia. I find I was misinformed by someone who commented thus, but - having checked thoroughly - I find no evidence of it. I am removing my unfortunate mistake. Interesting that Lisa de Witt admits that she and Moreno are co-responsible for the mean-spirited atmosphere here - this was also obvious long, long before I entered this page with some fairly restrained comments about them (Reference).

As if this can't be embarrassing enough, Lisa never "admitted" that we were "co-responsible for the mean-spirited atmosphere". As a matter of fact, Lisa said:
Joe and I are not the ones responsible for the mean-spirited atmosphere here. Wherever the anti-Sais travel their toxic behavior and agenda of hate and lies goes with them (Reference).

Is Robert Priddy reading without his glasses on or is something mentally wrong with him? Priddy owes Lisa another retraction.

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