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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Robert Priddy's Phony "Phone" Lies

Robert Priddy: The Anti-Sai-Baba Extremist

The pathological lies never end from Robert Priddy. I found yet more references from Priddy claiming that I am "phoning" people about the Sai Controversy. I already discussed these lies before on Robert & Kai Nicolai Priddy and Defamatory Attack Three: Response 3.

Priddy formerly accused me of "openly claiming" I contacted "the Sathya SaiOrganisation in the U.K. by telephone (Mr Bhagwani)" who replied to my questions, etc (Reference). Of course, Priddy cannot source this claim because I never made it!

Priddy again repeated the lie (on Wikipedia) that I am "phoning any person" I can get a hold of (Reference). Another unsourced lie.

On Wikipedia, Priddy said:
You know damn well you are a stalker, that you phoned Sanjay's University and spread direct lies about him to his lecturers, which they discussed with Sanjay decided to ignore you totally for what you are. It is all documented and stored away. And you stalked Pittard by phoning his former partner to dig dirt on Barry, likewise you stalked John Purnell, Gabriel M. and the list goes on! (Reference).

First and foremost, although I did converse with various University authorities about Sanjay's illegal and sexually exploitive StreetBitches Blog, I did so exclusively via email. I never talked to or emailed Sanjay's lecturers. University authorities talked to Sanjay's lecturers. Not I. These University authorities even forced Sanjay to delete his perverted, kinky and deviant blog that ruthlessly exploited innocent students.

Although Sanjay allegedly informed Priddy about this matter, one will notice how Priddy has absolutely nothing to say about Sanjay's StreetBitches Blog, in which teenagers, mothers and students were secretly stalked, pictures taken up their dresses and under tables and women labeled "sluts" and "bitches"! Even a good friend of Sanjay (the webmaster of "", whom Sanjay often praises on his Gaurasundara blog) caught him in the very same behavior I did and even wrote an email providing evidence for me to forward to University authorities (which I did). Shame on you Robert Priddy! Priddy's alleged sensitivities toward sexual exploitation are one huge pretense.

Regarding John Purnell, he contacted me first (attempting to make a slanderous comment on my guestbook). I have our full email correspondence (documenting his numerous lies and exaggerations) and will make it public when the proper time presents itself.

As for Gabriel Merrun, I contacted him first because he provided an email address for others to contact him with and I wanted clarification about some confusing comments he made regarding Sathya Sai Baba. Anti-Sai Activists encourage others to contact alleged victims for themselves and when I actually followed through, I was/am accused of "stalking" them. A no-win scenario. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. As a matter of fact, Sanjay Dadlani criticized me for not contacting alleged victims on the SSB2 Yahoo Group, insinuating I was a "lazy little workshy sod" and "lazy fellow" who made no attempt to contact Jed Geyerhahn or the Rahms (when in fact I did).

Strange enough, Priddy also accused me of phoning Barry Pittard's mate, Shanti McIvor. Apparently, Barry Pittard is feeding lies to Priddy as well! I never phoned Shanti. I emailed her twice. Apparently, Barry is not as truthful as he claims he is, and fed this untruth to Priddy who in turn repeated it like a well-trained parrot. Now I have even more proof that Barry is a pathological liar. The list goes on and on. More lies from Anti-Sais.

When Priddy said, "the list goes on", the only "list" that "goes on" is the list of lies perpetuated by Robert Priddy, the paranoid and ever-so-inaccurate Anti-Sai Extremist.

Update: October 18th 2006:
Another Phony "Phone" Lie Exposed:

Robert Priddy And His "Babafan" Lie

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    Incredible dishonesty, and deprivation.
    These: 'anti-sai's', are so clearly, 'morally bankrupt'. And as for this,
    Sanjay Dadlini! My God! What a pervert!


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