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This is the Wiki for the D'ni Zoological Society, an organization that has taken up the task of naming, photographing and classifying the myriad plants and animals in the ages of D'ni.

On this Wiki you can find entries on the major and minor plants and animals that inhabit the realms of D'ni and their many ages that have been released to explorers.

To navigate this site, choose one of the ages below to learn about its inhabitants:

Before you use or edit this Wiki, please see the How-To pages of the Forum for details of general etiquette and usage


[edit] Myst Online: Uru Live Ages

[edit] Myst Online: Uru Live - Unreleased Ages

These ages haven't yet been released by the DRC for exploration. All the information on these ages and the creatures inhabiting them is second-hand knowledge from hearsay, pictures, writing, etc.

[edit] Ages from Cyan produced games

Note: The information found on the following pages is based off of computer games developed by Cyan Worlds, meaning it might not be entirely correct.

[edit] Other Ages

[edit] Index

A complete list of all the species we have information on can be found here: Species Index

[edit] Special Pages

Or, choose any of these special links to learn more about the organization:

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