1891 Aug. 4th, Jonathan Priestley marries Emma Holt.
1894 Sept. 13th, birth of John Priestley thereafter known as Jack.
1896 Death of Emma Priestley aged 31.
1910 July 31st, Jack Priestley leaves school to work for a wool firm, begins writing under name John Boynton Priestley.
1913 Jan. 24th, begins a weekly column "Round the Hearth" signed JBP for the Bradford Pioneer. London Opinion accepts an article " Secrets of the Ragtime King" and pays one guinea.
1914 Sept, enlists in army, sees active service in France.
1918 Publishes first book "Chapman of Rhymes" privately printed; later destroys copies.
1919 Spring, leaves army, writes weekly articles for Yorkshire Observer. Autumn, goes up to Cambridge on officer's grant.
1921 Graduates in two years & marries Pat Tempest.
1922 Publishes "Brief Diversions" a critical success attracts attention in literary circles. Moves to London as freelance writer; writes reviews & essays, reads for publisher; publishes collections of essays and books on literary themes. Birth of two daughters.
1924 Summer, death of Jonathan Priestley.
1925 Publishes "The English Comic Characters"; Autumn, death of first wife Pat.
1926 Sept, marries Jane Wyndham-Lewis; they have two daughters and one son.
1927 Publication of first novel "Adam in Moonshine".
1929 Publication of "The Good Companions" and essay collection "The Balconinny".
1930 Publication of "Angel Pavement".
1932 Production of first play "Dangerous Corner".
1933 Forms theatrical production company and leases The Duchess Theatre.
1934 Publishes "English Journey". Writes story for film "Sing As We Go" starring Gracie Fields.
1937 Three new plays on in London: "Time & The Conways", "I Have Been Here Before" and "People at Sea".
1938 Productions of "Music and Night" and "When We Are Married".
1939 Publishes "Rain Upon Godshill".
1940 Broadcasts "Postscripts".
1945 11th May, broadcasts "Journey Into Daylight". "An Inspector Calls" opens in Moscow.
1946 Publishes "Bright Day".
1947 Production of "The Linden Tree". As Delegate to UNESCO conference in Mexico meets Jacquetta Hawkes.
1949 Publishes "Delight".
1952 Writes "Dragon's Mouth" with Jacquetta Hawkes.
1953 Divorces second wife & marries Jacquetta.
1954 Publication of "Low Notes On A High Level".
1957 Helps formation of C.N.D.
1960 Publication of "Literature & Western Man".
1962 Publication of "Margin Released".
1963 Collaborates with Iris Murdoch on stage adaptation of "A Severed Head".
1973 Granted Freedom of the City of Bradford.
1974 Publishes "Outcries & Asides".
1977 Awarded the Order of Merit. Publishes "Instead Of The Trees".
1984 14th Aug, J.B.Priestley dies.
1986 19th April, his ashes are buried in the churchyard at Hubberholme.
1994 13th Sept, Centenary of JBP's birth.