The Carolina Wren
The State
The Carolina Wren is a member of the family Troglodytidae. It is present in all areas in South Carolina from the coast to the highest mountain. The song; which may be interpreted as " tea-ket-tle, tea-ket-tle, tea-ket-tle;" may be heard the year-round, day and night, in all kinds of weather.

The Carolina Wren is slightly smaller than an English Sparrow and has a conspicuous white stripe over the eyes. The back of its body is rufous-red with underparts somewhat lighter in color. The tail, which is finely barred with black, is held erect when the bird is excited.

Note: Prior to 1939 "The Carolina Wren" had been unofficialy recognized as the State Bird of South Carolina. In 1939 the General Assembly passed an Act (No.311) designating the Mockingbird as the official Bird of the State. Act No. 693, 1948 (1962 Civil Code, Sec.28-2) was passed repealing the 1939 Act and designating the Carolina Wren as the official State Bird instead of the Mockingbird.