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Our mission

Teach the true message of Islam and connect nations of people through outreach, awareness, and education.

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Our vision

To excel in providing innovative outreach services and educational programs by establishing quality instructional programs, educational products, and services in order to promote an authentic and better understanding of Islam and Muslims to the public.

Our goals

The main goal of the outreach program is to engage the public in various spheres of life on issues relating to Islam and Muslims, and to bring a greater awareness and clear knowledge of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims.

History of O.T.E.

We began our first class for new Muslims in 1999. Soon thereafter, in the year 2000, we collaborated with the Muslim Students Associations at Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt Univesity to host a variety of courses on Islam supported by the local community, mosques, and other donors.

From 1999 – 2004, over 400 hours of instruction was provided to more than 375 students at the TSU courses. We are continuing to partner with the MSA, local mosques, and the Muslim community to provide a variety of educational programs to Muslims and non-Muslims.

Our outreach programs have expanded to Churches, Synagogues, law enforcement agencies, Colleges and Universities, Civic Organizations, Groups and Clubs, as well as appearances on radio and television. sdfdfsdfsdfsdfsd
Our team

Olive Tree Education has an
experienced group of learned professionals that work closely together to propagate the message of Islam and dispel any misconceptions.

Olive Tree Education has knowledgeable and qualified teachers that provide instruction on Islam. 

Sheikh Abdulhakim Ali Mohamed: Our program is headed by a known and accomplished educator and lecturer – Sheikh Abdulhakim Ali Mohamed.  He has over 15 years experience and brings a wealth of Islamic scholarship having studied in Medina and in Yemen from various Muslim scholars.  Sheikh Abdulhakim was raised in the US and is able to intelligently engage the American public.   He is the Director of Education and is responsible for establishing the education curriculum and program.

Professor Awadh Amir Binhazim: Another teacher in our program is Professor Binhazim who has over 20 years of university level teaching experience and has spent the last 12 years providing Islamic instruction and education.  He has taught courses on Islam at the Vanderbilt University Divinity School, and has designed curricula to teach Islam to new Muslims and non-Muslims.    

Our programs are designed to meet high education standards! 

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