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1. Alisher Usmanov – president of the European Fencing Confederation, president of the Russian Fencing Federation





                                          2. Vorsatel Holdings Limited company


Governing bodies:

General meeting of the founders – the supreme governing body of the Fund. Decides all matters of the Fund`s activities.

President – Aleksandr Mikhailov. Organizes the Fund's activities, coordinates the work of all Fund bodies, endorses charitable programs and donations made by the Fund.

Board – a permanent collegial executive body. Draws up and implements the Fund's action plan for each calendar period. Meets to examine proposals and recommends to include them in future charitable programs of the Fund..

Board members:

Executive director – Gennady Kiryanov. Administers the Fund`s day-to-day activities during periods between Board meetings, draws up charitable programs upon the Board's recommendations, has them endorsed by the President, facilitates their implementation, signs charitable donation agreements and other deals on behalf of the Fund, acts on behalf of the Fund without power of attorney

Yury Bychkov - Vice President,
representative of the Fund
in European countries

Vitaliy Logvin – Vice President,
representative of the Fund
in the Americas

Gennady Tyshler – Vice President,
representative of the Fund
in African countries

Oleg Peskov – Vice President,
representative of the Fund
in the countries of Asia and Oceania

Sabirjan Ruziyev – Vice President

Maksim Paramonov

Vladimir Nazlymov

Frantisek Janda

Board of Trustees – supervises the Fund's activities

David Tyshler – chairman of the Board of Trustees

Andrei Barychev – member of the Board of Trustees

Vladimir Koshelev – member of the Board of Trustees

Internal auditor – Nikolai Korchagin. Performs annual audits of the Funds financial and operating practices.

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