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27th July 2004 �.


We have added 18 new screenshots from SR2. Dominator�s space ships, government representatives, robobattles, uninhabited planets and many more in "Screenshots" column.

30th March 2004 �.


Friends! A small present for you! Now you can download trailer of "Space Rangers 2: Dominators" from our web-site (6.9 Mb).

2nd June 2003

    You can download patches (in Russian) here. There are 6 of them. The latest one (1.6) includes everything from the previous patches.

14th April 2003

More reviews (in Russian)!!!

          �Game EXE� �4 April 2003
4.7 out of 5

          BCG �The best computer games� �4 (17) April 2003
Huge review (20 pages)!!!

          �Igromania� �4 (67) April 2003
Developer�s interview!


5th April 2003

    Do you need really cool pictures on your desktop? Check out the Wallpaper section! There you can find some awesome �Space Rangers� wallpaper!

15th March 2003

Reviews (in Russian)!!!

          �Game land� �5 March 2003
Rangers received 8 out of 10

          "Computing Gaming World" �3 March 2003
4.5 out of 5

10th February 2003

    The votes are in! Check out the results of �the best game of 2002� on the www.igray.ru. Rangers was awarded �the best game 2002�!!!

23rd January 2003

    PC magazine �Domashni PC� gave 5 out of 5 to Space Rangers and also gave it the �our choice� award!

12th January 2003

    You can read a review of Space Rangers (in Russian) on the biggest Russian game site www.ag.ru. Space Rangers received a rating of 9 out of a possible 10 and was awarded �our choice�!

11th December 2002

    Publisher "1C" has announced master disk of "Space Rangers" to go into print.

9th December 2002

Today the site has been significantly updated:
- New questions to vote
- New screenshots
- Rangers' rating: You can send in your high scores now.
- Newsletter subscription.
- English version of the site is now on.

9th November 2002

Screenshots     Added new Space Rangers screenshots, res 800*600. Very cool!

27th September 2002

    Publisher "1C" will distribute Space Rangers in Russia, NIS countries and Baltic republics. Space Rangers will hit the stores in November 2002; the exact date will be known later.

20th September 2002

    Company "NewGame Software" has changed its name to "Elemental Games". Transition to the new name, logo etc. will be done in stages.

19th September 2002

New website is now on! For old news and information, go to http://newgame.org.

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New recordsCelebrities (v1.6)Championship
 Place  Name  V  Level  Scores 
627 Georg51.6Normal15850
1606 D-Man1.2Normal19490
3926 Jim Gran1.0Easy11620
4906 MMM1.2Easy18840
647 Stuka1.6Normal12270
265 very hard1.6Normal47750
1434 COOLER1.2Normal29040
4719 Ignat1.5Normal23050
2 AleksD(Minsk)1.6Expert69020
674 Dmitriy(DDA)1.6Easy34200
3733 ����1.0Normal11030
3564 vano1.0Normal12510
 Place  Name  Achievement 
1 Excelsior 82330 scores
627 Sergo Finished 70 quest
161 AleksD(Minsk) Free 181 system
21 Majk Awards for merits 131
6 AleksD(Minsk) Kill klissan 1772
2 ΩWeAPoN Kill pirates 247
614 KrV =(LB)= Kill civilian 544
1 Excelsior Kill in hyperspace 3413
2 ΩWeAPoN Protoplazm 32343
274 Wizzard Terrible
641 -=OldAlex=- Rich
11 tricky_STAR The best friend!
 Place  Name  Achievement 
1 karnoza 57310 scores
80 Alexx Finished 81 quest
2 Darth Vassai Free 177 system
2 Darth Vassai Awards for merits 48
1 karnoza Kill klissan 1509
112 tolyan Kill pirates 139
3 MiB Kill civilian 111
7 Centurn Kill in hyperspace 825
8 ALEX_KURGAN Protoplazm 26150
64 Raven(CBP) Terrible
9 FRC|D.U.K.|U Rich
80 Alexx The best friend!
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    1.   Smart guy, Sid Meyer, "Civilization"
    2.   Wizard and real hero, Caneghem, "Heroes of might and magic"
    3.   BFG fan, Carmack, "Doom"
    4.   Big original, Crank, "Vangers"
    5.   Little marginal, Dmitry Gusarov, "The General"
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