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Release Notes 2.0.35

This release introduces a number of bug and security fixes. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

The security related fixes include:

  • Possible infinite loop in the PNG reader
  • Possible integer overflow in gdImageCreateTrueColor
  • Possible crash in gdImageCreateXbm
  • Numerous flaws in the GIF reader

The most notable fixes are:

  • GIF reader is now thread safe
  • GIF reader uses the local frame dimension whenever it's possible
  • gdImageAALine drawn axis ligned lines two pixels wide

Build script for VMS has been added.

See the NEWS file in the release archive or the issues tracker for a full list of changes.

Thanks the following people for their patches, contributions, and feedback (alphabetical order): Alexey Chupahin, Antony Dogval, Elliot, Pierre-A. Joye, Guenter Knauf, Nuno Lopes, Seth Price, Scott MacVicar, Roman Nemecek, Xavier Roche

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