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National Coalition of Human Rights Activists Applauds "Stolen Valor" Act

L. Ron Hubbardwas not a war hero!! More Church of Scientology lies!!
The NCHRA applauds and supports Rep. John Salazar (D-Colo.) and his "The Stolen Valor Act of 2005," the initiative that will help preserve the honor of men and women who have fought for the United States of America. The Act, if made into law, will allow prosecutors to seek fines and imprisonment for those who claim in print or in speech to have received military awards and honors they have not actually received.

"Awards usually come at the expense of personal sacrifice," said David Rice (42), President of the Coalition. "When a person seeks honor and recognition for acts of valor she or he has not performed, that person insults and diminishes the sacrifices real heroes have made, and disparages the nation's defenders. Every act of stolen valor belittles the country's true heroes."

It is already against the law in the United States for people to wear specific military medals (such as the Purple Heart) they have not been awarded and have not earned. The issue came into widespread public notice two weeks ago when the official web site for the movie "Wedding Crashers" offered viewers the option of printing out a paper "Purple Heart." Activists for veterans did not find the attempt at humor at all amusing.

"It is a matter of simple respect," Mr. Rice said. "Too many people have been falsely granted attention and respect they have not earned by claiming to be war heroes. One fine example was L. Ron Hubbard. His business, Scientology Incorporated, still promotes the lies he told about his Navy career. Under the proposed law, we hope to see Scientology Inc. forced to remove Hubbard's lies from their web site, or have them pay a fine and sent to prison if they refuse."

L. Ron Hubbard, who fabricated the Scientology self-help business in 1954, claimed to be a war hero who was awarded from 21 to 27 medals, including two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. In reality, L. Ron Hubbard never saw combat and was relieved of duty three times for incompetence. Hubbard was awarded the four basic medals that every Navy serviceman earned in the Pacific Theater (the four medals: American Theater, American Defense, Asiatic-Pacific, and Victory).

"Hubbard's fraudulent claims is just the tip of the iceberg," said Rice. "At the law in the United States currently stands, anyone may claim military awards and honors they have not earned. With the proposed law, honor to the nation's legitimate heroes and defenders will be restored."

L. Ron Hubbard's real service record:

This is a letter from David Rice to John Salazar, the congressman proposing the "Stolen Valor Act of 2005:

This is the Press Release by the Church of Scientology praising L. Ron Hubbard as a War Hero:

Stolen Valor: L. Ron Hubbard's Phony Medals

Press Releases


Sign the "Stolen Valor" Act Petition

They have hired a Private Investigator to call my work

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Church of Scientology News

February 5th 2007
Critic of Scientology Arrested

On 26 Apr 2001, Keith Henson was convicted of "interfering with a religion". His crimes include typing the word "Cruise missile" referring to Tom Cruise. He's been on the run since because of death threats from Scientologists.

He was picked up late Friday (2/2/07) and is now facing years in jail over this injustice.

Read more on critic Keith Henson getting arrested

Critic of Scientology, Keith Henson, arrested

January 15th 2007
Scientology front group Narconon stealing money

Greg Beha took his son to Narconon, a Scientology front group, for a drug problem. It was a 6 month program that cost Greg $23,500.

18 days into the program, Narconon dropped Greg Beha's son off at a hotel 26 miles away with $10 in his pocket and refused any kind of refund. Greg didn't know the facility that he sent his son to was a front group for Scientology but quickly learned that he was not the only one that they have stiffed.

Read more on Greg Beha and Narconon stealing people's money

Narconon is a scam and won't refund money to Greg Beha

December 27th 2006
What is going on in Scientology's town of Clearwater FL

Death, cults, scams and a new critic Mayor?

Click here to read more on Scientology's town of Clearwater Florida

Shawn for Mayor of Clearwater

November 21st 2006
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get married

L Ron Hubbard, Xenu and David Miscavige tag along for the Honeymoon.

At a Scientology type wedding in Rome, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tied the knot. Scientology leader, David Miscavige, was the best man and also went along on the Honeymoon. Because the Scientology wedding was in Italy and performed by a Scientologist minister it is not legal. The TomKat wedding was a big PR stunt.

More on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting married

L Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, Xenu and Katie Holmes at the honeymoon suite

October 31st 2006
48 Hours - Scientology Deaths - A Question of Faith

Did A Mother's Faith Contribute To Her Murder?

Watch the 48 Hours episode that just aired on CBS. Jeremy Perkins stabbed his mother to death 77 times. Jeremy is diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Because of the laws of Scientology, Jeremy was not allowed to take his necessary medication.

More on Jeremy and Elli Perkins - Watch the video

Elli Perkins - The Jeremy Perkins tragedy

October 25th 2006
Scientologists, once again (for the fourth time) shut down the Scientology critic myspace account of 'TheDarksideOfScientology'. More sites have since been closed. These are not hate sites but educational pages about what is Scientology. Pro Scientology sites have been teaming up and contacting customer support to get these sites shutdown.

Read about myspace closing critic sites of Scientology

myspace closes more sites critical of scientology

October 18th 2006
The recent episode of Boston Legal is about what is Scientology.

A prime time show explaining the the 75 billion Xenu story. This is great!
A man was suing his employer because he was allegedly fired for talking about scientology at work. *Proof the Xenu Story is Real*

Click here to see the Boston Legal episode on Scientology

Boston public show on Scientology

September 10th 2006
The first film about the Church of Scientology is released

The Bridge movie is a new film written and directed by Brett Hanover, starring first-time actress Carole Smith and local playwright Bill Baker. While produced on a shoestring budget, The Bridge is (amazingly) the first feature film about the controversial Church of Scientology. Written with the help of several ex-members, and incorporating actual Scientology materials, the film depicts life inside the organization - and the reason Dianne Wheat (Smith) wants out.

This film is a free-media online release. Copyrighted material is included in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine. Brett Hanover is not responsible for the distribution or promotion of this film, and makes no claims as to its content. However, you may direct any comments or questions to Also, check out the world premier in Stavanger, Norway!

Click here to watch the Bridge Movie by Brett Hanover

The Bridge Movie - a critical look at Scientology

September 6th 2006
Baby Suri and her first photos!

With a cherubic face and a shock of dark hair, Suri Cruise - subject of the world's most anticipated baby photo - has made her broadcast debut.

CBS Evening News last night carried photos of four-month-old Suri, daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Born on April 18, baby Suri has not appeared in any published photographs, prompting speculation about her existence.

But she is for real and there are pictures of her and her famous parents in the issue of Vanity Fair published in the US today.

Click here to read more on baby Suri

Baby Suri pictures

Aug. 27, 2006
Conan Obrien Emmys 2006 - Opening with Scientology trapped in the closet episode

A filmed opener found O’Brien, aloft in a jetliner en route to Los Angeles for the show, crash-landing on the mysterious island where “Lost” unfolds. His odyssey to make it to the Emmycast took him through “The Office,” after which he disrupted a rescue attempt on “24.” Then he arrived in the hospital of cranky Dr. House, who responded to Conan’s plea, “Can you help me?” with a withering diagnosis of his physical deficiencies. In animated form, he popped up on “South Park” (where he found Tom Cruise, umm, “in the closet”), then got busted as a suspected pedophile on a “Dateline NBC” investigation.

Click here to read more on this

Conan Obrien opening emmy with south park scientology episode

AUGUST 22nd 2006
Tom Cruise Fired from Paramount after 14 years!!!

Sumner Redstone, chief honcho at Viacom, the parent company of Paramount, has ended the 14-year relationship with Cruise's production company, Cruise/Wagner Productions. According to The Wall Street Journal, Redstone cited Cruise's controversial conduct and behavior over the last year as the reason for the split. Redstone told The Wall Street Journal: "His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount."

Click here to read more on Tom Cruise getting fired

Tom Cruise fired from Paramount

JULY 19TH 2006

A front group for The Church of Scientology calling itself The Cleveland Safety League put up thousands of flyers all over Florida warning people about peaceful protester Shawn Lonsdale. Just in case you missed the article, he was the one who was attacked by a Scientologist, Michael Fitzgerald, just a few days ago. Fitzgerald was then taken to jail for assault.

Click here to read more on this Scientology front groups

Church of Scientology front groups

JULY 11th 2006
Peaceful protester assaulted by a Scientologist

A man filming a documentary outside the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida was attacked and assaulted by a Scientologist. Michael Fitzgerald was caught on camera attacking peaceful protester Shawn Lonsdale who was there in Clearwater filming a documentary on The Church of Scientology. Fellow Scientologists were quick to come to the aid of Michael Fitzgerald by lying to cops saying Shawn Lonsdale was the one who attacked and assaulted Fitzgerald. Non Scientologists and the video documentary that Shawn was shooting proved otherwise. Scientologist Michael Fitzgerald was then taken to jail and released on bail.

Click here to read more on this assault by a Scientologist

Proflex aka Shawn Lonsdale, peaceful protester, attacked / assualted

JULY 6th 2006
South Park Scientology episode nominated for EMMY

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. One of the Emmy nominees for best animated program is the "Trapped in the closet" episode of "South Park" that's said to have angered Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes. Cruise's fellow Scientologist Isaac Hayes reportedly quit because he was upset....

Click here to read more on the South Park Scientology Emmy

south park scientology episode nominated for an EMMY

JUNE 21st 2006
Scientologists are freakin' crazy

Indie film director John Roecker tells TMZ he was walking to his car with a female friend in LA's trendy Los Feliz neighborhood last Sunday when he was approached by a shirtless man and a tall blonde. "Hey, man, you're making fun of my religion," said the stranger angrily.

Roecker says Jenna Elfman, from Dharma and Greg, repeatedly said "What crimes have you committed?" and began screaming at Roecker, "Have you raped a baby?" as motorists on Los Feliz Boulevard drove by in snarled traffic.

Click here to read more on this Scientologist


JUNE 16th 2006 receives C&D letter from Scientology

A popular online site for posting humorous images and sound has received a cease and desist letter from the church of scientology. Apparently they are not pleased with the content provided by some of the users on the site. Max Goldberg, creator of had this to say, "I think I've made it pretty clear that my users are partaking in fair use parody and criticism of any possible copyrighted images. "

Click here to read more on Scientology and YTMND receiving cease and desist letter from the church of scientology

MAY 25th 2006 closes critic sites of Scientology, a site to find and meet people, is closing down sites critical of the church of scientology. One site has been closed 3 times already.

More on myspace closing critical sites of Scientology

myspace - a place to stop free speech, myspace closing critical sites of Scientology

MAY 8th 2006
Mission Impossible 3 "fizzles" at the box office.

Well, the numbers are in. Total weekend take is 10-15 million dollars lower than analyst expected. With a $190 million dollar budget and Tom Cruise receiving %23 of the money made from the movie, how does the studio expect to even break even on this flick? Oh- yeah, scientologist will buy the tickets. Reports are coming in of scientologists nationwide buying up dozens to as many as 900 tickets a piece. Is this why you joined a cult like the "church" of scientology? To buy Mission Impossible tickets?!! Wow.

Click here to read more on MI3 flopping

Click here to sign the petition to Boycott Mission Impossible 3

Mission Impossible fails at the box office

APRIL 19th, 2006

ShowBiz Show star David Spade plays out the birth of Suri Kirstie Allie and the placenta brownies. YUM!

Click here to see this video clip of David Spade and Scientology

David Spade and the alien baby Suri

APRIL 19th, 2006
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have alien baby!

On the same day as Brooke Shields gives birth (ironically), Katie Holmes gives birth to 7 pound Suri. Xenu and the evil galactic confederacy are said to be proud with the new addition to their family.

Click here to read more about this alien birth

Suri, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes little girl

APRIL 10th, 2006
L. Ron Hubbard explains the Xenu Space Opera Story

In a recent video that was created, L. Ron Hubbard (the science fiction writer who created Scientology) and his own voice explains the "tech" of alien implanting. Watch it here before The Church of Scientology tries to censor it for copyright infringement.


Xenu thanks L. Ron Hubbard for creating Scientology and the xenu space opera story

MARCH 24th, 2006
Chef returns to South Park from the Super Adventure Club
Isaac Hayes' Chef character got a true "South Park" send-off Wednesday night — seemingly killed off but mourned as a jolly old guy whose brains were scrambled by the "Super Adventure Club."


Chef returns to South Park from the Super Adventure Club

MARCH 21st, 2006
Who Quit South Park for Isaac Hayes?

Via Reddit comes this Fox News piece suggesting that Isaac Hayes, who suffered a stroke in January, didn't quit South Park over the show's recent episode mocking Scientology. Rather, writes, Roger Friedman, one of the Shaft composer's Scientologist handlers did the quitting:

Click here to read more about Isaac Hayes quitting South Park

South Park Chef did not quit South Park, the Church of Scientology did

MARCH 17th, 2006

"So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies.
Signed:"Trey Parker and Matt Stone, servants of the dark lord Xenu."

More on South Park vs the Church of Scientology
South Park vs the Church of Scientology

MARCH 13th, 2006

On L. Ron Hubbards B-day, Scientologist Isaac Hayes (Chef) quits South Park as his role as Chef because of the Scientology episode done last November.

"In ten years and over 150 episodes of 'South Park,' Isaac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians, Muslim, Mormons or Jews," Stone said in a statement issued by the Comedy Central network.

More on Isaac Hayes quitting South Park because of Scientology

Scientologist Isaac Hayes quites South Park because of Scientology episode done last November

MARCH 9th, 2006


Tom Cruise will receive almost 25% of the money made from Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise is the biggest contributor to the Church of Scientology.

Boycott Mission Impossible 3- Click Here
Boycott Mission Impossible three 3

MARCH 2nd, 2006

These are the latest rumors from inside the "church" of Scientology. This cult needs to be investigated and shut down forever.

Click here to read these latest rumors about Scientology

The FBI needs to ivestigate new rumors from inside the church of scientology

MARCH 1st, 2006

JANET REITMAN has written a Story in Rolling Stone about The Church of Scientology. This is a very well written article that does an awesome job of explaining this scam.

Thank you Rolling Stone!!!

Click here to read the Rolling Stone article about Scientology

Rolling Stone's article about unlocking scientology

FEB 20th, 2006
The OT8 doctrine of the Church of Scientology illustrated

Normally it would cost you $360,000 to read this page, but today only, it's FREE! Now you have plenty of extra money to buy that new house, car, or even join a different dangerous evil brainwashing cult.

Click here to read the illustrated version of OT8

OT8 Doctrine of the Church of Scientology Illustrated

FEB 2nd, 2006
Defending the critics of scientology
First, view the lies and distorted facts on one of the many CO$ front groups,
The Church of Scientology uses this site to discredit the critics of their cult.
Then view my critic of the critics of scientology website that tells the real truth,

JAN 21st, 2006

Tom Cruise is being glib and won't let the UK see the South Park episode that exposed the evils of scientology. You don't know the history of scientology. I do.

Click here to read more about Tom Cruise being glib

Tom Cruise won't let the UK play the South Park Scientology Episode

JAN 6th , 2006
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not getting married.  They are breaking up.  Tom Cruise is gay, obviously.
Tom Cruise and Katies Holmes are not going to get married. I predicted this months ago with my
"Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Breakup countdown".

Click here to read more about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes breaking up
According to MSNBC the wedding is off. It says Tom Cruise is afraid of the punany or something.
I didn't read the whole thing. Read it for yourself. Click Here

DEC 31st, 2005

The phrase "Jump the Couch", which was inspired by Tom Cruise's
Weird-o antics of 2005, has been added to the dictionary.

Click here to read more about Tom Cruise jumping on couches

In a related article - Tom Cruise has been voted the most annoying person of 2005, Click Here.

JUMP THE COUCH has been added to the dictionary


Boycott Mission Impossible 3

IT'S HAPPENING! Tom Cruise's recent repeated massively irresponsible and potentially life-endangering statements that those on prescribed psychiatric medication should cease using them and use "exercise and vitamins and stuff"... combined with his promotion of what most consider a cult of Scientology has horrified a huge percentage of the public. In fact, our survey results below show from almost 2,500 responses a MASSIVE 83% of you feel just like us and are prepared to Boycott Mission Impossible III.

Well some of the major anti-Scientology websites are pulling together to do just that. We feel it's time someone made a stance against "Dr. Cruise's" bullying tactics, and every dollar he earns he gives a % to Scientology. Which means every time we pay to see a Cruise movie we're funding his cult! Well not anymore. Head to and put your name down in a worldwide boycott of M:I:III. You'll have a clear conscience, and help send a very powerful message to Cruise that you won't be donating to his cult this year. Beside, MI:II sucked anyway!

Head to for more!

DEC 26th, 2005

Hey...... why not?


Tom Cruise is OT7 in the Church of Scientology - that means he can fly and move things around with his mind - Sign me up!!

DEC 16th, 2005

Andy Dick has been hired by the Church of Scientology to plan the wedding for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This is as real as it gets.....


Andy Dick - Church of Scientology Wedding Planner for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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