Stop Scientology! L. Ron Hubbard was not a war hero.
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Shame on the Church of Scientology and it's lies
The National Coalition of Human Rights Activists (NCHRA) has received dozens of emails ( expressing anger and outrage over "stolen valor," and request the passage of the proposed "Stolen Valor Act of 2005" sponsored by Rep. John Salazar (D-Colorado). The proposed Act will make it a crime for any American citizen to falsely claim military awards and medals they have not earned nor been awarded. If found guilty, a person faces a fine and imprisonment for a violation of the act.

"My Purple Heart cost me two years of pain and struggle to regain the use of my right leg," wrote Pfc Timothy Wheeler of Toledo, Ohio. "It angers me to read of men who claim Purple Hearts when they have never been in battle and have never faced the fear of dying in combat." Private First Class Wheeler was wounded by rifle fire in the first few days of the American invasion of Iraq. He was evaced to Ramstein Air Force Base and then sent home to Fredericksburg Virginia where he began physical rehabilitation to regain the use of his leg. "It's personal, you know? I am insulted personally when someone claims a Purple Heart back home sitting in his arm chair watching TV when I almost died for mine." Pfc Wheeler's email is typical of those so far received by the NCHRA. When a road mine detonated under his fuel carrier near Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait, Junior Lieutenant Jason E. [name withheld by his request] found himself in a field hospital awaiting evacuation to Germany. "It was like getting kicked in the head by a mule, and then the lights went out. The next thing I knew the lights came back on and I was on the ground coughing up blood and trying to breathe." In a follow-up email Jr. Lt. Jason E. said "The fear didn't come until I was safe in bed in a German hospital. People smile when I tell them that. I guess they think I'm joking, but it's true. I earned my Purple Heart the hard way. That Hubbard [censored] should be shipped to Iraq for a summer and earn his the way I did."

The Jr. Lt. was referring to L. Ron Hubbard, the person who wrote the best seller "Dianetics" and later created Scientology and NarConon as for-profit businesses. In 1954 Hubbard started calling the Scientology self-help business a "religion" for tax-exemption status. The United States Internal Revenue Service and the United States Supreme Court consistently denied the religious status of Scientology for nearly three decades, finding Scientology to be a profit-making business. L. Ron Hubbard fraudulently claimed at various times to have been awarded from 21 to 27 military awards and medals, including two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. The Scientology business repeats those lies in its literature and on its Internet web sites. L. Ron Hubbard never saw combat and was relieved of duty three times for incompetence.

The National Coalition of Human Rights Activists invite veterans to write and share their opinions on the proposed Stolen Valor Act.

L. Ron Hubbard's real service record is here:

This is a letter from David Rice to John Salazar, the congressman proposing the "Stolen Valor Act of 2005:

This is the Press Release by the Church of Scientology praising L. Ron Hubbard as a War Hero:


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Press Releases


This is an interview with L. Ron Hubbards own son
If everyone could all just read this article once, I believe Scientology would no longer exists.

What is Narconon?
Learn about one of the many scams The Church of Scientology has setup to take your money.

What are auditing sessions?
Read for yourself what an actual session is all about.

What's the name of The 440ft boat owned by the Church of Scientology that Tom Cruise travels on?

It's called The Freewinds. It's a death ship full of cancer causing blue asbestos.

When will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Breakup?

We have experts that have figured out these numbers and remember if it's on the Internet, it's gotta be true.

All the OT levels in Scientology explained
Only $360,000 to be able to fly and move stuff around with your super mind powers. Where can I sign up?

Help KATIE get away from TOMKAT syndrome
Help save this poor girl from Tom Cruise


Sign the Petition to revoke Tom Cruises American Citizenship!!

Sign the Petition to have The Church of Scientology tax-exemption status removed!!

Write your local Congressperson and educate them about the evils of Scientology.




Stop Scientology! Stop Tom Cruise from promoting this evil cult!
September 21, 2005
In a shocking video-taped confession by Scientology staff member Mike McClaughry, law enforcement officials have learned that the Church of Scientology purchased street drugs from a drug dealer in order to frame a California Health Department official for illegal possession of narcotics. The official, Jim Esterbrook..



September 12, 2005
MSNBC aired a 1-800 number for the Church of Scientology during its Hurricane Katrina broadcasting. According to the broadcast, the Church of Scientology is offering jobs to these poor people who have lost EVERYTHING! Shame on you MSNBC!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you ENCOURAGE innocent victims to be further victimized!!!!

An Open Letter to MSNBC

MSNBC airs the 1-800 number for the Church of Scientology

September 03, 2005
The NCHRA warns victims of Hurricane Katrina to beware of fake organisations peddling Dianetic books or vitamins in return for help.

Presently there are a dozen or more fake "ministers" from the Scientology corporation rushing to the Hurricane Katrina disaster site to sell the victims books and to collect donations ostensibly for disaster relief. When the Scientology business sent


The Church of Scientology sells Dianetic books to the victims of Hurricane Katirna

August 29, 2005
"When a paying customer of a flying saucer cult starts giving medical advice," NCHRA president Rice stated, "people need to question the authority, if not the sanity, of the speaker." Mr. Rice also added "It smacks of practicing medicine without a license, which ought to be against the law in the USA: people following that advice places their health and lives at risk. Mr. Cruise should STAND ON A MILK CRATE and apologize to Ms. Shields face-to-face for the gross insult he has committed against her and hundreds of thousands of other women who suffer from postpartum depression. He should also learn to shut up on matters he is utterly ignorant about."


Tom Cruise is a space alien from XENU

August 20, 2005 -- NEW Yorkers upset at the coziness between the Church of Scientology and Margarita Lopez, a candidate for Manhattan borough president, can now wear a T-shirt mocking the City Council member who shuttled hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to a Scientology-backed detox center co-founded by Tom Cruise. The shirts feature a grinning Lopez in front of Scientology iconography and sacks stuffed with cash and are selling on Rivals have also taken openly gay Lopez to task because Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard preached against homosexuality.

Margarita Lopez t-shirt

Rocker Beck loves cults, death and ruined lives.

"If you actually look at what's been done through Scientology and what's come out of it, I think it blows away the criticism."

Read more.....

Beck Loves Scientology

The NCHRA fires back at the Church of Scientology and its recent Press Release supporting the "Stolen Valor" act and praising L. Ron Hubbard as a War Hero.

L. Ron Hubbard is the winning bidder at EBAY

The NCHRA Urges New York Fire Fighters be Tested For Liver Damage

With revelations that New York City fire fighters and emergency response personnel have been subjected to Scientology Inc.'s "purification" ritual, the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists urge fire fighters to seek medical examinations to test their liver functions.

The NYC Fire Fighters are subjected to Narconon.  A dangerous SCAM by the Church of Scientology


Junior Lieutenant Jason E earned his Purple Heart the hard way. "That Hubbard [censored] should be shipped to Iraq for a summer and earn his the way I did."

L. Ron Hubbard fraudulently claimed at various times to have been awarded from 21 to 27 military awards and medals, including two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. The Scientology business repeats those lies in its literature and on its Internet web sites. L. Ron Hubbard never saw combat and was relieved of duty three times for incompetence.

Shame on the Church of Scientology and it's lies

Margarita Lopez is a greedy criminal and a pawn of the Church of Scientology.

NCHRA Urges Investigation of this New York City Councilwoman.

NCHRA urges state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate New York City Councilwoman Margarita Lopez for criminal and ethical wrong-doing from a receipt of nearly US$100,000 from the Church of Scientology. She is subjecting New York's fire fighters to Scientology's scam "detox" programs as if they were rats in a science lab. If any investigation would have been done about Scientology's "detox" programs, any rational human being would have immediately rejected the program.

Margarita Lopez recieved $100,000 to promote a dangerous Scientology 'detox' program to her people

L. Ron Hubbard was not a war hero, just more Church of Scientology lies!!

National Coalition of Human Rights Activists Applauds "Stolen Valor" Act

"It is a matter of simple respect," Mr. Rice said. "Too many people have been falsely granted attention and respect they have not earned by claiming to be war heroes. One fine example was L. Ron Hubbard. His business, Scientology Incorporated, still promotes the lies he told about his Navy career. Under the proposed law, we hope to see Scientology Inc. forced to remove Hubbard's lies from their web site, or have them pay a fine and sent to prison if they refuse."
L. Ron Hubbard purple heart scam

The man of mystery, Xenu, makes an appearance at a backyard barbeque.

Wait........ WHO IS XENU??!?

Xenu makes an appearance at a backyard barbeque, smokin' and drinkin'

I think XENU gets a bad rap. Xenu is my homeboy. Here we are on Earth living it up, and he's somewhere on a deserted planet with a magnetic jail cell holding him for all of eternity. All he did was blow up over 13 trillion people with H bombs. Give the guy a break, we all make mistakes. Probably his only real mistake is being the psychedelic dream of Scientology's inventor, L. Ron Hubbard.
We have "FREE XENU" t-shirts, hats, mugs and even wall clocks for sale. "FREE XENU" merchandise protects you from the Scientologists evil mind powers, so buy "FREE XENU" gear today before it's too late!!

FREE XENU hats, shirts, mugs, and even wall clocks for sale!

It's seems that Tom Cruise has worn out his welcome in Paris France due to his publicity antics and $cientology. Viva la France!,10221,15912361-7485,00.html

Like many other European governments, the French authorities view Scientology - founded in the United States in 1954 by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard - as a dangerous cult.
Tom Cruise is NOT WELCOME anymore in Paris France


The questions haven't been asked yet, but they are ready.

"Do you believe that 75 million years ago an evil galactic ruler named Xenu
deposited trillions of paralyzed alien bodies on Earth and then destroyed
them with H-bombs?"

"Do you believe that the souls of these creatures, known as 'thetans,'
inhabit the bodies of present-day humans, and that 'clearing' our bodies of
thetans is the key to mental stability?"

"Is that the reason Scientologists believe that psychiatry and
antidepressive drugs are damaging and unnecessary?"


Tom is trying to tell the ladies, on ABC's "The View", that Scientology is a personal choice that Katie Holmes made. He is also telling them that there are Catholic and Jewish Scientologists in his cult.

Tom, Katie is going along with it because she's scared of your OT7 mind powers and it is also in her 5 million dollar contract to be with you. I wonder if it was her personal choice to ditch her friends and manager because they were not Scientologists?
Catholics and Jews in Scientology??!! WTF??!! Yeah, you might start off being Catholic, then pretty soon you become an alien worshipping Scientologist cloned freak. See for yourself that Scientology says it is your only religion once you join....

Why doesn't the media have the courage to ask Tom one simple question, who is XENU? One simple question: Tom who is XENU? Someone, PLEASE ask him.
Tom Cruise is a liar on the view.... again

Tom Cruise and Rob Thomas caught in bed! - CORRECTED -

Turns out this was a rumor provided straight from I'm glad. Rob Thomas has a hot wife, and I was confused for a while about this one. Turns out he's more offended that he was called a Scientologist than people saying he was caught in bed with Tom Cruise by his wife......kind of funny.
Thank you Rob Thomas for clearing this nonsense up.

"Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas has rubbished reports he had sex with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise - and is even more mortified he's been labeled a fellow Scientologist. The singer is horrified by claims he was caught in bed with the War Of The Worlds star and has finally spoken out to end the rumors. But he's even more offended by reports he's joined Cruise and other followers of L. Ron Hubbard's Church Of Scientology, which has been labeled a "cult" by some critics. He says, "If I were gay, Tom wouldn't be on the top of my list...It would be Brad Pitt. I'm more offended by the rumors saying I'm a Scientologist." still thinks that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are breaking up soon though.....

Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Breakup Countdown

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes breakup countdown

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Stop Scientology! Stop Tom Cruise from promoting this evil cult!


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