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The Divine Descent of God

Once Dada was sitting in a satsang (spiritual gathering) which he had arranged in honor of his guru. In between he got up and went to his room, which he had never done in his life, for it was a sign of disrespect. The following is the description of one of the persons who had the good fortune of being there.

“The eyes of Dada had become completely red, as if a red light was glowing inside him. His whole face had become red, and even the room was now illumined, with reddish, otherworldly glow. And something began to happen inside me too! I felt bodiless! How can I describe it? I was there and yet I wasn’t. I was simply light. My mind felt clearer than it ever had been. I heard a sound from above. It was as if through the mouth of Dada, Someone else was speaking! That voice was so very quiet at first, then it grew louder and louder. It was stunning, not frightening, but simply awe-inspiring. The voice spoke thus:

Nijanand Rupam Shivoham Shivoham
Gyan Swarupam Shivoham Shivoham
Prakash Swarupam Shivoham Shivoham
Nijanand Swarup, Gyan Swarup, Prakash Swarup


I am the Blissful Self, I am Shiva; I am Shiva ….
I am the Knowledgeful Self, I am Shiva; I am Shiva …
I am the Luminous Self, I am Shiva; I am Shiva …
I am the Form of Self, the Form of Knowledge, the Form of Light.


“To this day, I cannot forget that voice, nor that scene. The atmosphere was electric, more than realm and my condition of feeling as if without a body is still alive in my memory. As soon as Dada opened his eyes, he started looking around with great wonder. Whatever he had seen, had jolted to the core of his being”.

During that time, Dada saw tremendous Light and Power which told ‘You have to make such a world’. And he had the vision of an altogether new world. But he did not know how that world was to be made. How shall he be able to make such a world?
Dada fell into deep, deep thought. He immersed himself in the work of solving the mystery of this unparalleled event. ‘Who was that ?’ What kind of power could give him such visions, such knowledge, such self-realisation?. Gradually he unraveled the logic and the implications of it all; the secret was unveiled to his astounded intellect.

Based on our real life experiences we clearly know that it was God, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, Himself, had entered into his body. It was God who had revealed the truth about the coming destruction, and of the establishment of the heavenly world which would then follow. And it was God Himself who had given the sign that he, Dada, was to be His medium and the engine for creating such a divine world.

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