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Some real Big Woods.
Seven miles along the unimaginatively named 'County Road CC', north of Pepin is the land that belonged the Ingalls family when they lived in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. If you see any woods on the way to the site it might be better to stop and have a look because there are no woods on the old Ingalls land today. The 3 acre site around the house position shown on old maps contains a replica of a log cabin. Unfortunately the land was cleared for farming many years ago. This makes it difficult to imagine that this really is the site of the Ingalls house as described in 'Little House in the Big Woods'. BigWoodsHouse3.jpg - 15449 Bytes To its credit, the owners of the society have planted some trees but of course it will take a few more of them, and a bit more time for it to look like a wood again. Perhaps this is a reminder that things have changed and the clock cannot be turned back.
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