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Brown: 'Be United, Resolute And Strong'

The Government has warned of "imminent" terrorist attacks after a Jeep was rammed into Glasgow airport and burst into flames.

The jeep burst into flames
The jeep burst into flames

The UK is now on "critical" alert - its highest terror threat level.

Police say the attack is linked to the two car bombs that were found in the heart of London.

It has also been revealed that one of the two suspects arrested in Scotland was wearing a "suspicious device". Officers would not say whether it was a suicide belt.

Gordon Brown has warned the British people to be vigilant and told them to remain "united, resolute and strong".

The PM made a short statement after emerging from a Cobra emergency meeting, where ministers discussed deploying troops at UK airports.

Mr Brown - who was born in Glasgow - said: "The first duty of the Government is the security and safety of all the British people. So it's right to raise the levels of security at airports and crowded places.


"I want all British people to be vigilant and support the police. I know the British people will stand together united, resolute and strong."

Liverpool's John Lennon airport and Blackpool airport have been closed and security tightened at other UK airports. The US has also installed extra security at its airports.

The Jeep Cherokee was rammed into the terminal at 3.11pm on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses reported hearing a series of loud "bangs" and saw two men - one of whom was on fire - emerge from the vehicle.

As holidaymakers ran screaming from the terminal, one member of the public managed to floor the man who was in flames.

The suspect was then arrested by police and taken to Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition with severe burns.

It swerved to ram building
It swerved to ram building

Willie Rae, chief constable of Strathclyde Police, said part of the hospital was evacuated after the suspect was found wearing a suspicious device. It was then re-opened after the device was removed.

A member of the public was also treated in hospital for a leg injury, he said.

The second man was arrested and taken to Govan high security police station. Police sources said officers subdued one of the suspects with mace spray.

Some witnesses told Sky News they saw three men in the Jeep, and they were all wearing boiler suits. Police said they do not know if there was anyone else in the vehicle.

It comes just a day after two car bombs were found in London. It is also the same week that Gordon Brown became Britain's new Prime Minister, and it is exactly seven days before the second anniversary of the 7/7 attacks in London.

There was chaos at the scene
There was chaos at the scene

The Jeep was being driven at around 30mph when it smashed into a glass door at Terminal One of Glasgow airport.

Hundreds of shocked holidaymakers were in the area at the time, and witnesses said some of them removed gas cylinders from the jeep.

There are reports the occupants - described as Asian males -were trying to pour petrol on the flames.

Holidaymaker Stephen Clarkson said he knocked one of the men to the floor before police intervened.

He said: "I managed to knock the Asian fellow to the ground and four police officers got on top of him."

He added: "His whole body was on fire. He was quite a big fellow and was disorientated otherwise I wouldn't have been able to knock him down."

The airport remains closed and is not expected to open until Sunday morning at the earliest.

Holidaymakers are being sheltered at nearby buildings. Passengers on 12 jets that landed at Glasgow airport are still on board their planes.

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