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CAP Payload Bay "EggLifter"

CAP EggLifter atop CAP Rocket

The CAP Egg Lifter was designed to further enhance the Civil Air Patrol Model Rocketry Program as described in the training manual (CAPM 50-20) by providing an inexpensive, easy to assemble payload bay that is large enough to contain a raw egg.

Download Payload Bay-page1 Download Payload Bay-page2 Download the payload bay as a PDF document.

Download the instructions as a PDF document.

Instruction for printing and assembling the Egg Lift Payload Bay

1. Click on the  thumbnails above to download and save the CAP Rocket JPG files in a convenient place, like your desktop.
2. Open your word processor and insert the files into a new blank document. (eg. In Word: Insert..Picture..From File)
3. Set the width margins to .5 in on each side and stretch the image to match the margins, making sure to maintain proportions of the image.
4. Print the pattern on your color printer using white, heavy card stock.

Materials Needed
pattern printed on white heavy index card stock
1 Scissors
Elmer's type glue and/or Stick Glue
10-12 inches of flat 1/8 inch elastic
parachute material
ruler or straight edge
Styrofoam egg carton

Assemble the forward and aft sections of the payload bay, then fit the connecting ring around the middle of both and glue to the connecting ring to the forward section of the payload bay.
Spray on several coats of "clear coat" to strengthen the outer shell of the bay and use shock absorbent material to cushion the egg. (I have used Styrofoam egg cups cut from egg cartons glued into the bay.)
Two launch lugs will be needed. Put one on the payload bay and attach the other along the gray stripe on one of the fins of the rocket booster. Insert a launch rod to ensure alignment of the lugs as you glue them into place.