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June 23, 2007
London (Hyde Park)
June 21, 2007
New York (Roseland Ballroom)
June 08, 2007
Morrison, Colo. (Red Rocks)
June 09, 2007
New York (Blender Theatre at Gramercy)
June 10, 2007
Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)
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Producer(s): Brendan O'Brien
Genre: ROCK
Label: RCA
Admit it; you wondered if Velvet Revolver would live to see a second album. Skepticism is an occupational hazard for such supergroups, especially by those whose frontmen have reputations staked in self-destruction. But "Libertad" is one of those sophomore albums that builds on the strengths of the first and offers enough fresh stuff to establish a new standard for the band. The quintet's stock in trade remains such muscular, big-chorus riff rockers as "Get Out the Door," "Just Sixteen," the Stooges-like "Let It Roll" and the single "She Builds Quick Machines," all vehicles for flash'n'trash from guitarists Slash and David Kushner. There are also detours into soul ("The Last Fight"), garage rock ("American Man") and Eastern flavors ("She Mine"). A terrible cover of ELO's "Can't Get It Out of My Head" is the lone stumble on this thoroughly satisfying second effort.—Gary Graff

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