[Club DSM] Boost Leaks
Club DSM Boost Leaks
Has your turbo car lost its edge?

From Andre:

If you have a chance, PRESSURIZE your intake system now.
I just wanted to re-iterate how important this is to do. It's simple to do, but I noticed every damn week I get some idiotic boost leak that likes to sneak up behind me. And its one of those things you don't really notice, until your car just feels slow and you can't explain it. I bet fixing boost leaks can fix many problems out there, but just as an example...
Saturday, before racing at ATCO, I did a pressure test with a compressor on my intake system. How?

~ Buy a 2 rubber cap from the Home Depot Plumbing section ($4.99)
~ Buy an Upright Bike Pump
~ Buy a straight fitting (to put 2 silicone hoses together)
~ Buy a T fitting

I just cap off the turbo, put a pipe between the turbo and the side wall of the car so the cap doesn't pop off (it tends to pop off at 22psi no matter how tight I make the cap). Cut the bike pump hose and put a long silicone hose on the end of it, and T that hose to your BOV line. Then put a screwdriver in yoru TB to keep the plate open.
It takes me about 25 pumps to reach 15psi. If I pump 25 times and I see 0 psi? That means I have a huge boost leak. Usually, at 20psi pressure,your psi should bleed down very slowly, meaning you can run from the engine bay to your boost gauge and still see psi. That's ok...
So what was leaking on my car? I had a slit on the bov line that would only leak at 18psi, and I mean leak! So I fixed that. I go to ATCO to race, all good. I come home and just notice the car lost its edge. So what's next? Another intake pressure test. This time, I couldn't get any pressure. I went looking and could hear air rushing out the back of the intake manifold. What was it? My EGR side vacuum hose just was dangling there! Things that I had no idea or didnt expect, just happened out of nowhere. Well, got it back on tighter, and my idle fixed itself, and my gas mileage went up.
So if you have some time I really suggest, from my experiences, you test your system out. It might be worthwhile :)

Andre - dre99gsx

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