Project Goal

An icon to represent the generic action of sharing a web page. This could mean adding the page to a social bookmarking site or memetracker, e-mailing the page to someone, etc.

The image you see here is the current working concept.

As the number of social sites explodes (, digg, Netscape, Furl, Newsvine, reddit, etc.) it is becoming necessary and more common to abstract all of these links behind a single "share" link to avoid icon overload:

One simple link vs. lots of little icons

The share icon can fill an important role here, providing visual recognition for the general sharing action. See this in action on Alex's blog.


The share icon along with the feed and OPML icons:

Feed, OPML and Share icons

Read more here, and see the icon in use in the Share This plugin for WordPress.

Other Share Icon Concepts

To add yours, tag it with 'share-icon' on Flickr: