The Indisputable Corruption of Frederick Seitz,
Disgraced, Malignant,
And the Conspiracies he has been involved in.

Frederick Seitz applied to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for work in 1978. His proposal was to oversee the medical research grants given out to worthwhile research projects. However, unknown to the public, tobacco companies had discovered for certainty that their products had health damage as early as the 1950s. They had concealed the health damages from the customers, and fended off all health claim lawsuits for 20 years by the time Seitz began working hand-in-glove with them.

One might be inclined to give Seitz the benefit of the doubt, but the evidence does not allow this. Cigarette smoking kills people and cause a long list of other health problems. The tobacco companies knew that through their own suppressed research -- to engage Seitz to discover what they already knew was a waste of money, and they might as well confess to the newspapers if they believed they were hiring an honest man. Since they believed that Seitz was going to help them continue a coverup that had succeeded for 20 years already, we are compelled to believe that private discussions covered the true nature of Seitz's employment.

For a certainty, either Seitz was incredibly incompetent as a medical researcher, or else he was corrupt, because the diligent research of the secret tobacco laboratory investigations found health damage from smoking, and eventually laboratories outside the tobacco industry also did so without any funding money from the tobacco companies. The ONLY research which was unable to find any significant health damage by cigarettes was outside public laboratories who took tobacco payoff money, and Seitz directed the payoff money to these labs.

Frederick Seitz directed the spending of over $45,000,000.00 of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company medical research money.

With that much money to pay qualified scientists and doctors, there can only be one explanation why no health problems were ever discovered by Seitz's research teams -- he sought people who would not look hard for health damage, and he paid them very well to not look hard (normally $3 million per lab over six years). He kept in contact to see that research money was spent where it would do the least good. He chose projects that looked in places where there was nothing to find.

Eventually a Canadian laboratory not funded with tobacco money came up with results that could not be discredited and could not be bluffed out of publishing the results. From that moment the tobacco industry changed plans to attack regulations as the result of uncertain "junk science".

Seitz's medical cover-up operation was no longer useful, and it was scrapped. but Seitz soon reinvented himself as a crusader against the FDA and government "junk science" regulations.

The Cold Hard Facts:

Frederick Seitz was once credible and famous. He was once President of the National Academy of Sciences, an organization which has repudiated Seitz's counterfeit NAS anti-Kyoto petition fraud. The reason that RJ Reynolds tobacco company bought Seitz was that his reputation was worth the money they agreed to spend. A "nobody" would not help them conceal the murders which they were premeditatedly engaged in conducting, falsifying the true state of medical knowledge of the DEADLY dangers of their hazardous products.

The evidence which convicts Seitz in the tobacco corporate serial murders numbers a collection of 40 million pages, or 4 million whole documents, online by court order after conspiracy trials conducted by 46 of the 50 US states Attorney Generals. Nobody can ever be sued for libel by using these public documents which have passed due process of law in court trials once already.

From 1975 through 1989, Seitz was visibly associated with tobacco payments, but after 1989 his connection goes under cover. From the records unearthed we know the many criminal conspiracy methods the tobacco companies used to hide payments to covert agents, including using lawyers as intermediaries to make all the contacts and deliver the payoffs because they could refuse to testify in court under "attorney-client" priviledge. A multi-layered game of pretenses was used by everybody to pretend that there was no financial ties between various culprits.

S. Fred Singer

Bruce N. Ames
Seitz and Singer are tied together, and to tobacco by secret files wrenched from the tobacco conspirators file cabinets, but not every key document or cancelled check has been recovered and published so far. By 1990 Seitz disappears from tobacco company public connections, but SEPP is born. Neither SEPP nor Seitz has ever gone on public record as to the date of Seitz first involvement with SEPP, but Seitz has been board member and vice-president going back as far as public records still existing are available.

From public documentation we can demonstrate that SEPP (Science and Environmental Policy Project) was corrupt at inception, that it involved Seitz and Bruce N. Ames in various corrupt activities in its early history, that a pattern of corrupt behavior is publically established, and therefore appearances of corruption in other organizations associated with members of this crew are presumptively also actually corrupt.

Jerry Falwell & Moon
Convicted felon Sun Myung Moon has hosted "science conferences" with a hidden agenda for three decades. He spends the money so he can be photographed giving speeches to "important people", and increase his propaganda value to gullible followers who don't understand science yet fear and respect it.

Moon picked up S. Fred Singer at some unrecorded time in the past, probably at one of these mock-science gatherings. In 1990 we have recorded evidence that Singer is president and director of a Moon front organization named Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy, located in a Moonie owned office building.

Singer has claimed that the moonies loaned him offices for a year, and gave a charity grant of $10,000 startup money for SEPP. That is a lie. Singer was located in that building for three years, and He, Singer himself, gave SEPP whatever money they needed to operate that additional front organ. The Washington Institute has been very generous to "president" or "board members". Here is an IRS document showing one year that another Washington Institute president gave himself $142,708 salary, a Singer-sized salary. A pal of Singer's, Gerhard Stohrer applied for tobacco money on Washington Institute letterhead during Fred Singer's term as president of the front operation.

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Think Tank Fronts
A non-profit watchdog organization created an interactive database to illustrate the slippery schemes of ExxonMobil's criminal conspiracy to deceive about Global Warming in the same manner that the tobacco criminal conspiracy deceived and committed corporate serial murders. Seitz, Singer, and Ames all appear in the database as crooked scientists lying for money. I created a graphic using their software interface and saved it to disk to share with you readers. By using this link:, you can go online and explore further connections and people aiding and abetting this broad conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity and mass murder.

Unfortunately, their database was far from fully up-to-date at the time I created these graphics. I have notified them of many missing links they need to add to make a correct picture of this criminal conspiracy. It is funded by other lung pollution fortunes, like Killer Koch Industries (Koch Oil), Richard Maniac Scaife (Gulf Oil), and a few snake oil fortunes like Microsoft, Murdoch (Fox News), Moon (Washington Times, UPI), Coors (John Birch Society), Olin (chlorine and Black Talon bullets), and Earhart Foundation (White Oil fortune).

While Fred Seitz's role is not as big as Singer's, the $45,000,000 diversion smokescreen he operated on behalf of the tobacco murderers is the most obvious, easiest to prove. By exposing the utter corruption of Fred Seitz, the think tank that is a central nexis in the Anti-Global-Warming science frauds can be defanged: the George C. Marshall Institute.

By permitting Fred Seitz to escape being taken to account for his involvement aiding and abetting corporate serial murders, he has been allowed to continue his cannibalistic predation on yet more people. Exposing Fred Seitz's conspiracy can undermine the credibility of the fake science that George C. Marshall Institute performs on behalf of POISON & POLLUTION paying clients, like ExxonMobil.

above Map 96,

below, adds Ames
Map 97

Steven J. Milloy
long history of tobacco
conspiracy crimes.
Two more graphics are presented: George C. Marshall Institution is the starting point. Seitz performed a hatchet job on the EPA and United States regulators of poisons in a part of a broad offensive in 1993 and 1994. Seitz crafted a deceptive piece to undermine the public's confidence in regulatory science, at the same time that his partner, Fred Singer in SEPP, did so using the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution front organ.

Examining George C. Marshall Institution, we find five corrupt science mouthpieces for pollution industry: Seitz shows eight front organs he has connections to, Sallie Baliunas shows six, Willie Soon shows five, Sherwood Idso shows five, Craig Idso shows four. In the second map we see adding Bruce Ames he only has three organs showing (one additional not shown) he is used by. Fred Singer has fourteen organs he can employ for science frauds and fourteen front operations can use him in return. Of course professional fees are charged for services rendered, but payments to Swiss bank accounts are not shown on these maps.

I have located more connections than the software that makes these graphics contains in it's database. These maps are preliminary, not complete. Steven J. Milloy, the junk pusher, is shown connected to the front operations of the rest of these principles, but has five more organs not shown besides the three here displayed. Interactive versions of these maps are available at the previously mentioned website: Map 96, and Map 97.

Sallie Baliunas
Willie Soon
Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon are the next generation in mass murder deceivers. Along with Fred Seitz they created a counterfeit package, crafted to deceive that it came from the National Academy of Sciences, with a petition worded to deceive about it's ultimate use, and issued it from an Oregon State University minor association called OISM. With Seitz's history in the aiding and abetting of corporate serial murders, it is not surprising to find him operating on behalf of global warming polluter mass murderers. Anything he is associated with is likely to be corrupt, so no benefit of the doubt is attached to this science hoax.

By examing the recent history of Balliunas and Soon we find they are as dirty as Seitz. We have the old history and the current history of the George C. Marshall Institute, and we find they are fraudulent. We find Fred Seitz involved in SEPP, with its history of false petiitions, like the Heidelberg Appeal, false science conferences like ICSE, Paris, 1993, and "Integrity in Science", Washington DC, 1993, and false science reports like the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, fraudulent "Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination A Research Report Conducted by the Alexis De Tocqueville Institution", and "the Epa and the Science of Environmental Tobacco Smoke".

A lot of the records were "sanitized", webpages yanked down, files shreaded, and organizations dissolved to erase the trails, but still there is plenty of paper/electrons trail catching Baliunas and Soon in corrupt conspiracies, taking dirty money from the meanest villians on earth in a plot to allow mass murder by weather chaos. They have taken Koch Oil money, Scaife's Gulf Oil money, Western Fuels Coal money, and ExxonMobil's money. Fortunately we have enough evidence to use as a battering ram to smash the Marshall Institute, and send key players fleeing for shelter. We have the old evidence and the new evidence to smash SEPP, and Alexis de Tocqueville Institution. With the evidence we have we can drive Becky Norton Dunlop out of public life. We have crippling evidence against Heritage Foundation,, and TechCentralStation -- enough so that they will be a very long time recovering, if they ever do.

We live in a society where a majority of the supreme court thumbed its collective nose at the constitution. The justice system is compromised by thorough corruption. A new form of justice is evolving -- global trials, with the whole planet involved, looking on, sifting the evidence. The evidence of science frauds and science hoaxes against Seitz, Singer, Baliunas and Soon is too strong -- they will be punished by their peers by being outcasts and universal objects of contempt. The evidence against the members of the network of collaborators is strong and more is pouring in. Science traitors will be banished. The Kochtopus is being dismantled -- SEPP/Singer is the entry into the Institute of Humane Studies, Atlas Institute, Locke Institute, George Mason University. Singer's corrupt AdTI actions burns the career futures for a cast of two dozen self-important betrayers. Baliunas and Soon are likely the key to prosecuting the TechCentralStation, and the AdTI criminal conspiracy of the Microsoft predatory monopoly anti-free-software scheme connects TCS to other felon front organs as well.

Here are the Global Warming counterfacts (partial list):