May 22, 2001
To Media Representatives
G-Mode Press Release
A site that specializes in the Java™ of J-Phone will be up and running in June.
- The world of mobile games that is provided by G-mode which specialize in mobiles phones that support the Java™ of J-Sky. -

In succession to the already running sites that specializes in the i-appli of NTT DoCoMo, G-mode Co., Ltd., (Head Office: 5-2-3 Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo. President & CEO: Tomio Takami. Tel: 81-3-5362-0303) will, in junction with the (planned) release in June of the model "J-SH07" that supports Java™, initiate the full scale game portal site "Game Style"


Service Outline

By the game portal site "Game Style" that supports the Java™ of J-Phone, G-mode Co., Ltd., will aim at creating an environment in which the user can enjoy playing games with leisure, with the first target being mobile game beginners to mid-level players. For this reason, the service at first will be to provide a download service where 1 game can be played at a charge of 100 yen to 150 yen (volume-cycled rate structure), and there is no need for such as member registration of the user, making it possible to easily purchase games. After the user has become familiar with the world of mobile games by the purchasing of games that can be enjoyed as a stand-alone product, we are also planning in the future to do the delivery of network competition type games (fixed rate structure).

Furthermore, the services that will start at the same time as the release of the model "J-SH07" that supports Java™ will be the 3 sites that are described as follows.

The download type Tetris exclusive site, "The Tetris Collection"

Tetris, which has been called "The world's most popular video game", has been featured for models that supports Java™ When starting to play, a Tetris is delivered with original design patterns such as "leopard pattern", "camouflage pattern", and "aloha pattern". Furthermore, the delivery of location limited designs such as "the Shibuya Model" and the "Harajuku Model" as well as venues for such as design contests are also planned.

Tetris®; © Elorg 1987.
Classic Tetris™ ; &169; Elorg 1998,2000
Tetris Logo by Roger Dean; © The Tetris Company 1997
All Rights Reserved
© G-mode

Contents Title Tetris J (leopard pattern), (camouflage pattern), and (aloha pattern)
Billing Method Volume-Cycled Rate : 150 yen/1 Application
Target (March, 2002 term) Total 300,000 Downloads

The download type Mini Game site, "The Game Market"

The concept of "The Game Market" is that playing is "with ease", "simple", and "any time". This is a mini game site that is in a sense a vending machine that is a collection of games that can be played for 100 yen. For starters, the 8 titles of "Billiards", "Shooting Range", "Operation SILVER STORK", "Animal Puzzles", "Land Mine", "Heiankyo Alien", Digital Invaders", and "Othello" are delivered, but we plan to increase with new mini games every month.

© G-mode
Shooting Range
© G-mode
© G-mode
Animal Puzzles
© G-mode
© G-mode
Heiankyo Alien ReMIX
© 1979 The University of Tokyo TSG
© G-mode
Digital Invaders
© G-mode
Othello is a registered trademark.
©Tsukuda Original

Contents Title Billiards
Shooting RangeOperation
Animal Puzzles
Heiankyo Alien (Normal), (ReMIX)
Digital Invaders
Billing Method Volume-Cycled Rate : 100 yen/1 Application
Target (March, 2002 term) Total 500,000 Downloads

The download type Pencil Puzzle site, "The Pencil Puzzle"

"The Pencil Puzzle" delivers the orthodox puzzle "Sudoku (Number Placement)" as well as the highly popular "Oekaki Logic(Painting Logic)" by the supervision of the famous NIKOLI inc., i that is the publisher of puzzle magazines. Use this for such as during the period of travelling to or from work or school, or as a way to enjoy a mental exercise easily on the whim of the moment. We also plan to increase the amounts of new puzzles from July and on with such as "Slither Link" and "Number Link".

Sudoku (Number Placement)
Puzzle manufactured by © NIKOLI
© G-mode
Oekaki Logic(Painting Logic)
Puzzle manufactured by © Sumire Kobo
Oekaki Logic is a trademark of SEKAIBUNKA PUBLISHING, INC.
© G-mode

Contents Title Sudoku (Number Placement)
Oekaki Logic(Painting Logic)
Billing Method Volume-Cycled Rate : 100 yen/1 Application
Target (March, 2002 term) Total 75,000 Downloads

Furthermore, as occasion calls, the contents are planned to be increased. Aiming at an average of 12,000 users per site, it is anticipated that by the term of March, 2002, there will be a total of 200,000 users with proceeds of 17 million yen a month.

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