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Every Extend Extra Extreme Preview

Entertainment’s next Xbox Live Arcade foray will take another PSP title and expand it considerably for the Xbox 360. Every Extend Extra for the PSP took a shooter and reversed it, and by detonating your ship you create a chain reaction. Q is bringing this experience to the Xbox 360 with a remixed version of the game titled Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4), with completely enhanced visuals. If you thought your brain could barely handle the particle effects from Geometry Wars, Every Extend Extra Extreme is going to blow your head apart.

Every Extend Extra Extreme will be comprised of four gameplay modes including:

E4, The Game – The main single player challenge mode
S4, Wiz Ur Muzik – Use your own music from CD or the music on your hard drive to customize your game
R4, The Revenge – a completely different mode
H4, Versus Live – online multiplayer over Xbox Live similar to the PSP version’s multiplayer including leaderboards

Unfortunately, our demo time was focused around E4, and the other modes were not quite ready for prime time. E4 The Game will be slightly similar to E3’s main challenge mode but have a number of twists and additions to the gameplay. While the game will still have the same exploding – combo basis, there’s a few new elements in the mix. You will now have a shield, and be protected during the times between when you’ve initiated an explosion and combo. The shield is limited, however, and you’ll have a meter for shield time, so you’ll want to explode before your shield time runs out, or shortly after since you’ll be vulnerable. While your shield is active you can run into enemies and get your self in place to detonate in the best spot. You can also use this time to pick up crystals for Quicken (makes your ship faster), Time Extend (increases game time), or extra Shield Time (increases your shield time.)  

Also different in E4 is your Quicken is unlimited. Instead of only being able to have a certain amount of Quicken, the version we were shown allowed you to collect up to 20, and then after 20 you’ll go into an overdrive state. When in overdrive your score will multiply 2X, 3X, etc.

Another big difference in the level layout is the fact that there won’t be level bosses in E4. You’ll play the same level over and over, and mainly be going for high scores. Levels could essentially play for a ridiculously long time, and scores will reach astounding heights, especially when you get into extended overdrive states.

Considering the fact that when you initiate a chain it could actual cause a combo that’s longer than you want, so now in E4 you can cancel out of the combo and stop it, and then go and pick up time extends, quickens, or shield time. It depends on how much time you have left, so if you’re running low on time, you’ll want to cancel out of a combo and collect time extends so your game doesn’t end. Now that the shield and combo cancel system, you’ll also no longer be able to set your detonation spot and then move away.

While Mizuguchi didn’t reveal how many levels will be in E4, there will be returning E3 levels, such as Saturday Night Drive, and a number of new levels. Also the game is planned as a one time download, with no downloadable content planned. When E4 was submitted for approval by Microsoft it was under the original 50MB size limit. However, since Microsoft has increased the cap, the team may add additional content.

Fortunately with the S4 mode allowing you to create your own levels with your music, that could help the game’s longevity. We didn’t see this mode in action, however, the game has a beat detector that will match gameplay up to the music on either CD or your hard drive.

E4 is not being developed by Q? Entertainment, but by a development team from Sopporo called Sonic Blue.  Also, if you’re a PC or PlayStation 3 owner, this game is not a Xbox exclusive title, and from the vibe we got from Mizuguchi, it would make its way over to the PC and PlayStation 3 in some form.

With a new soundtrack that will include an exclusive remix of GenkiRocket’s Heavenly Star (from Lumies 2), and a new take on the addictive gameplay from E3, we’re looking forward to seeing how E4 turns out. We’re not sure about what to expect from the one level high score concept and the omission of the boss battles, but we’re looking forward to more hands on time with the game. We’ll have much more on E4 in the coming months.

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