Food glorious food... except for Ziggy, that is. Summoned to the Gluttony room, he was met by a table laden with an embarrassment of riches. Suckling pig. King prawns. Cream-filled chocolate doughnuts. BLACK FOREST GATEAU!

"To absolve you of your sin of gluttony," began Big Brother, "you must not eat any of the food provided."

Surveying the spread, he almost broke into a sweat. "It's all my favourite foods," he said, breathing in. "It's a good spread. You've done well."

As he read the rules - look but don't touch, essentially - Ziggy seemed like he was going to cry. "Aw man, this is going to be impossible," he said.

"All my favourite foods," he repeated. "Can I smell it? Can I not take this back to the other guys? Those doughnuts look the nuts!"

With Food Glorious Food playing helpfully in the background, Ziggy circled the table like a vulture circling its prey.

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But will he pounce? It's hard to say.

"How long do you have to stay there?" called Gerry, as a blind went up to reveal a window so all the Housemates could watch whether he'd snaffle a prawn.

"It's easy," Ziggy told Chanelle through the glass.

"Not if you're in there for two days," she replied.

"Two days?" he repeated, shocked.

Don't worry Ziggy, there's no bed in there...