Imagine this: One feisty bird, a smoking ban, lots of rain, and absolutely no arguments, swearing, shouting or grumping whatsoever. Sound improbable?

For said bird, Charley, surely it's nigh on impossible?

"As the most wrathful housemate you're not allowed to show anger, raise your voice or scream," Big Brother told Charley, revealing her slice of the housemates' latest task.

"That's not fair, I wanted an outfit," was the only response she could muster.

Mulling over the implications, Charley assumed her sweetest, nicest, politest voice. "So I just don't argue with anybody, or raise my voice. Walk out of the room when I see it coming - which I will."

Her new leaf didn't last long however...

In her next breath, Charley's volume increased. "I haven't had an argument for three days, except for today when Liam pissed me off."

"Sorry," she said, softening once more.

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"Brian shouted at me and I told him not to raise his voice at me, please. But I'm not going to argue no more and I'm not going to give any sort of anger, or hissy fits, or fury, or the red mist, or seeing red. Honestly."

We believe you Charley... Honestly.