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AACRE Partners

CAA: Chinese for Affirmative Action

CAA seeks to defend and promote the civil and political rights of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans within the context of advancing multiracial democracy in the United States. CAA is a nationally recognized and respected civil rights organization, advancing and protecting the rights of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Rooted in the Chinese American community, CAA also works within the broader Asian and Pacific Islander American community, and has forged strong alliances with other communities of color and historically disenfranchised communities to advance civil rights. Since our founding in 1969, CAA has advocated on a range of pressing social justice issues including: language access, immigrant rights, affirmative action, educational equity, workforce development for low-wage immigrant communities, and “glass ceiling” barriers. CAA’s policy work grows out of our direct service, leadership development, public education, and community building programs. CAA has also entered the national debate on critical issues for our community, such as census policy and racial profiling.

CAA: Chinese for Affirmative Action
17 Walter U. Lum Place
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel 415.274.6750
Fax 415.397.8770

Asian Pacific American Legal Center

The Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California (APALC) was founded in 1983 and is the largest organization in the country focused on providing multilingual, culturally sensitive legal services, education, and civil rights support to Asians and Pacific Islanders (APIs). APALC’s mission is to advocate for civil rights, provide legal services and education, and build coalitions to positively influence and impact Asians and Pacific Islanders and to create a more equitable and harmonious society. APALC works on a range of issues affecting APIs and immigrants, including workers rights, consumer rights, immigration, citizenship, domestic violence, hate crimes, health care, language access, and voting rights.

Asian Pacific American Legal Center
1145 Wilshire Boulevard, Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel 213.977.7500
Fax 213.977.7595

Asian Law Caucus

Founded in 1972, the Asian Law Caucus (ALC) was the nation’s first nonprofit law office serving Asians and Pacific Islanders. ALC’s mission is to promote, advance, and represent the legal and civil rights of the Asian and Pacific Islander community in Northern California. Annually, the Asian Law Caucus consults with and oversees cases of over 1,500 clients and provides legal information to over 5,000 people on workers’ rights, immigration, housing issues, voting rights, and hate crimes.

Asian Law Caucus
939 Market Street, Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel 415.896.1701
Fax 415.896.1702