photo ©Michael S. Nolan
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    For the past two years, Ric and his wife Helene O'Barry have travelled to Taiji with the support of One Voice and Earth Island Institute in an effort to document the annual dolphin slaughter that occurs as part of Taiji's annual drive fishery.
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pilot whale breathing photo ©Michael S. Nolan
Michael S. Nolan Photo
Video of the Taiji Drive Fishery

Drive Fishery Explained :

New Video: Mercury Poisoning from Dolphin Meat!

See the Dolphin Slaughter Video

Photographed by Richard O'Barry, Edited by Diana Thater & T. Kelly Mason

Video footage courtesy of OneVoice:

Dauphins au Japon :
I - Les captures (.mov, ~3 M; 2 min 45)

II - Les massacres (.mov, ~5 M; 4 min 20)

Massacres de dauphins & Industrie de la captivité (.mov, ~5 M; 4 min 20)






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