Childrens library - Hebrew and Amharic

In order to cope with the cultural differences between western culture and Ethiopian culture, we place a special emphasis on the use of technology and literacy development. As an example, we use photography for documentation of the activities of the children. With the aid of the pictures the children learn to recall their previous experiences. The photos are also used as a communication tool with their parents.

Literacy development is achieved by exposing the children to different kinds of books; picture books, children's books, art books etc..

With the generous support of Ms. Rhoda Mancher from the Jewish federation ogf Greater Washington we built a library of 50 books, translated from Hebrew to Amharic.

In the books the Amharic translation appears below the Hebrew text. Each page is re-covered in a plastic film once the translation is added. As there is a difficulty with some of the parents to read Hebrew, each book is accompanied by an audio-recording in order for the children to listen to the book together with their parent.

The books are read to the children by the staff, and they are also able to look at them independently. In addition, the books are available to the families to borrow free of charge.