"Nivheret" (a Hebrew acronym for "Youth Building a Better Society") is a leadership program for youth who are dedicated to Jewish Continuity in two dimensions - Jewish Pluralism and Social Responsibility.

The program consists of students aged 14 - 17 years old. They meet once a week on their school campus with teachers trained by Kehilla.

500 students participate in the program annually through 25 schools.

Nivheret deals with experiential learning through workshops on questions of equality, social justice, society, and economics and Jewish-Israeli identity.

Students from both religious and secular schools participate in Nivheret. A central component of the education program is to create a meaningful dialogue between the religious and non-religious groups. Through this dialogue we express the values of Jewish Pluralism and mutual respect.

The goal of Nivheret programs is to create a cadre of youngsters who are dedicated to social change in Israel in the fields of pluralism and social justice.

Nivheret logos created by students