Daycare program for Children at Risk

The daycare program is an educational framework that works within the community after school hours, five days a week.

The program provides support and serves as a partial family replacement for children who come from malfunctioning families. We assist children who are dealing with emotional problems and behavioral issues. The program provides the children with favorable conditions in the afternoon without cutting them off from their homes. The program is special in the care it gives children in full cooperation with the parents and in conjunction with social, care, and educational factors.

Target population:

  • Children aged 3 - 10 years of age;

  • Children with emotional, educational and/or developmental needs;

  • Children lacking suitable family role models;

  • Children suffering from abuse or neglect by their parents;

  • Children who are away from home much of the day, alone , or wandering aimlessly about;

  • Children who were not accepted into the foster care program.

    There are 54 children participating in the program.


    The professional staff is composed of a social worker, two group managers, three youth workers, a housekeeper and an educational program director.

    Basic needs

    The children receive their basic needs; lunch, snack, dinner, naptime for those who need it and showers.

    Travel: Children are collected from school and taken to the clubhouse, and at the end of the day, taken home;

    Educational and social activity; Preparation of homework while addressing the problems of each child. Teaching good study habits.

    Enrichment: Clubs, sports, hikes, group discussions. Some of the activities are open to all the children while some are directed at other groups depending on the treatment plan as determined by the educational director.

    Treatment Activity: A personal treatment plan is prepared for each child, according to his or her needs, as determined by all staff involved.