Malayan People's Army. 10th Regiment Archives

Period 1959-1989
Total size  2.62 m.
Consultation Restricted


Established on May 21st, 1949, in Kerdau, near Temerloh (Pahang), the 10th Regiment was the only Malay-majority regiment of the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of Malaysia (CPM); the other regiments were mainly Chinese; in the years 1953-1954 the Regiment retreated to the Malaysian-Thai border area to finally settle on the Thai side of the border; from 1948 on the CPM was involved in a guerilla war against the British, who had reoccupied the country after the Second World War; in 1959 it was decided to abandon the armed struggle, a decision which was again reversed in 1961 (‘New Policy Period’); from 1968 onwards the party leadership sent several ‘People's Liberation Ambush Teams’ to the South (into Malaysia), but they failed to stage an armed revolution; from 1969 on, daily radio broadcasts of the Party, Suara Revolusi Malaya (The Voice of the Malayan Revolution), operating from Hunan in southern China, reported news of battles, victories and setbacks along with the Party's analysis of events in the domestic and world situation (from the early 80s these were broadcasted from Southern Thailand); in 1982 the ‘Malayan People’s Liberation Army’ was renamed ‘Malayan People’s Army’; plagued by internal problems and rectification campaigns in the early seventies, the second half of the seventies saw the level of armed combat against the Malaysian armed forces drop considerably; finally, in 1988, peace negotiations started and on December 2, 1989, a peace treaty was signed in Hat Yai (Thailand) between the CPM and the governments of Malaysia and Thailand; one of the results of this treaty was that more than 1000 party members accepted the Thai government’s offer of land near the Malaysian border and have been settled there since.


Pamphlets, periodicals, educational material and other documents (mainly copies) on the activities and history of the 10th regiment of the Malayan People's Army 1976-1987.


Closed part of the archives nos. 1467-1583; description nos. 1479=1481, 1487=1488 and 1565=1569; some numbers of the list were not found in the archives (enquiries at the archives department of the IISH).