Back to You Photo courtesy of FOX.
Back to You

Premise: After an embarrassing incident, a big city news anchor has to head back to his old market, where he has to reteam with his former co-anchor, who also happens to be his ex.

First Impressions: A couple years away from comedy hasn't had a noticeable effect on Kelsey Grammer, and as the show is created by two "Frasier" veterans, the writing is right in his wheelhouse. Patricia Heaton -- no slouch herself -- seems more the straight woman here, but it's not hard to imagine them working well together.

Stars: Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier"), Patricia Heaton ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), Ty Burrell ("Out of Practice"), Fred Willard ("Best in Show"), Ayda Field ("Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"), Josh Gad ("21"), Laura Marano ("Without a Trace")

Studio: 20th Century Fox TV

Producers: Steve Levitan ("Just Shoot Me"), Christopher Lloyd ("Frasier")

Video Preview: 'Back to You'