This archive lists all "Press notices and news" entries uploaded to the site in 2004.

23 December 2004

Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

The OLSCC has an approved publication scheme, which will soon be published in full on this site.

In the meantime, please contact us if you would like to see a copy of the document.

17 December 2004

The Legal Services Complaints Commissioner, Zahida Manzoor's response to Sir David Clementi's Report of the Review of the Regulatory Framework for Legal Services in England

Ms Manzoor welcomes Sir David's report and states:

"In principle I welcome the report and am looking forward to reviewing the recommendations within it. At the heart of my considerations will be the interests of the consumer and increasing public confidence in legal services. That means fairness and transparency for all users and ensuring that their views and experience help shape any changes in the way services are delivered in the future."

10 December 2004

The revised Law Society Plan has been resubmitted and is currently being considered by the Commissioner, Zahida Manzoor.

15 November 2004

Press notice: Law Society plan not adequate, says Legal Services Complaints Commissioner

28 October 2004

Official Launch of the Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner

The Secretary of State, Lord Falconer officially launched the Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner, (OLSCC) and this website on 28 October 2004.

Lord Falconer said:

"I congratulate Ms Manzoor on setting up the Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner and look forward to working with her and with the Law Society to ensure that the public gets the high standards of service they are entitled to expect".

Lord Falconer's full speech is available.

The Commissioner, Zahida Manzoor CBE and Nick Stace, Campaigns Director, Which? also spoke at the event. If you would like copies of their speeches please contact us

30 September 2004

The Law Society has submitted its plans, which are now under consideration by the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner.