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Michael Dorn
Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn ("Worf" - TNG, DS9)

Q: Did you enjoy the premiere at the Chinese Theatre?

Michael Dorn: Yes I did.

Q: Hello Mr. Dorn! Which is your favorite scene in "Nemesis?"

MD: The collision between Enterprise and the Scimitar.

Q: What was it like working with the crew of TNG again?

MD: It was, as usual, like a party. We're lucky that we still care for each other and we're good friends. It's like getting paid to party with your old friends.

Q: You always play a Klingon. If you could choose another alien race on Star Trek to play, which one would it be?

MD: That's a tough one. Probably the Q.

Q: Mr. Dorn, do you enjoy doing voiceover work (as you did in Gargoyles and other cartoons)? Will you be doing any more in the future?

MD: Yes, I enjoy it very much, and I will be doing another show that I can't talk about, but it starts in January.

Q: Mr. Dorn, you have been featured in more hours of Star Trek than ANY other actor EVER. How have you enjoyed your long affiliation with the franchise, which has continued beyond the front of the screen and into directing?

MD: I've been very fortunate. Most actors don't get a chance to be part of a franchise for 15, 16 years. It's been a real experience in a lot of different ways, being able to direct and continue the acting in different ways. It gives you freedom because you can pick and choose the jobs that you want because you don't have to worry about taking them for money.

Q: Do you still stay in contact with Terry Farrell at all?

MD: No, I'm not.

Q: Mr. Dorn, was there one single thing in your life that made you decide to be an actor? I think you are great.

MD: I was always on stage. When I was very young I was in music for a lot of years, playing an instrument and singing.

Q: Will you be joining us in England for the U.K. premiere?

MD: No, but I'll be there for a convention. It's the Creation convention at the Hilton [Metropole, London, Jan. 3-5].

Q: Hi Michael! Was the makeup for "Nemesis" much different than usual?

MD: Oh, no. It was horrifying, as usual.

Q: What did you think of the script being leaked before the film was released?

MD: That's nothing new. It always happens.

Q: Hello Mr. Dorn. Thanks for sharing your time with us. You have played Worf for so many years, I was wondering if you ever dream in Klingon. Silly question, I know, but dreams can be so strange. Happy Holidays!

MD: Actually, that's a good question, but — thank God — no, I've never dreamed in Klingon.

Q: Hey Michael, did you ever see your portrayal on South Park?

MD: Yes, I did. I loved it! I'm a big South Park fan anyway, and I wish they had called because I would have loved to have used my voice.

Q: Was it fun or scary sitting in the back of a dune buggy with Patrick Stewart behind the wheel?

MD: It was incredibly scary. Patrick likes to think of himself as a race car driver.

Q: I saw "Nemesis" and loved your drunk scene during the wedding. Was that part of the script or did you decide you wanted to do that?

MD: That was part of the script.

Q: If a DS9 movie was conceived, would you return as Worf for the movie?

MD: Yes, for one million dollars!

Q: Mr. Dorn, greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was wondering, were any scenes involving Worf deleted from "Nemesis?" Will we be able to see them in the DVD?

MD: There actually was only one scene which was at the end of the movie and it's one of those patented Star Trek endings where we all are on the bridge, and Patrick says "Make it so" or something like that. That was the only one missing.

Q: What was the most difficult thing you had to do with this movie?

MD: Just the makeup.

Q: Did you take anything from the "Nemesis" set?

MD: (laughs) No, I never do that.

Q: Mr. Dorn, over all your years in Star Trek, who did you have the closest relationship with?

MD: Marina Sirtis.

Q: In an online chat last week Brent Spiner was asked how he got along with the rest of the TNG cast. His response was that he liked everyone but you. Any comments?

MD: (laughs) Brent who?

Q: Mr. Dorn, what was it like to star in CHiPs in the 70s?

MD: It was an eye-opening experience. I had done commercials up to that point and a couple of guest spots on a couple of TV shows. But being a young actor on a number one rated TV show in the early 80s was pretty exciting. It was definitely sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. Of course, I never partook in any of that stuff, but I heard it was around ...

Q: Do you like Irving Berlin tunes?

MD: Yes, I do.

Q: Do you personally like prune juice?

MD: I hate prune juice. Absolutely.

Q: Michael, how did you get started with the whole flying thing?

MD: I've always wanted to fly, since I was a child. Over the years, I'd never had the opportunity or the time to learn how to fly until Star Trek, because the second year on the show there was a strike that everyone said was going to last a long time. So I was looking around and decided, "I'm going to start flying." It turned into an obsession.

Q: I've heard that your favorite hobby is flying. What is your favorite type of airplane to fly?

MD: The F-16.

Q: Hi Michael. With "Nemesis" completed what projects do you have lined up for the future?

MD: Actually, right now there's nothing going on except an animated television show that's supposed to start in January. Besides that there's nothing else going on, which is fine. That's the way the business is.

Q: We know Worf had a Klingon targ as a pet when he was young, do you have any pets at home, Michael?

MD: No, I don't.

Q: Does Marina Sirtis kiss well?

MD: I really haven't kissed her, like, really well. It's just a Hollywood kiss, so I couldn't tell you.

Q: In previous films and TNG shows you had some of the best one-liners, like "Assimilate this" and "I must protest, I am not a merry man." Which was your all-time favorite line?

MD: My all-time favorite line was probably ... there's a line where I was trying to teach Wesley how to attract a mate. The line was: "Men don't roar, women roar. And then they hurl heavy objects and claw at you."

Q: Who trained you to work with the hand-to-hand weapons? Also, did you get any real martial arts training, tai chi or some other internal/soft art forms? Mok'bara looks like tai chi.

MD: I don't have any formal training. When I started to develop Worf, the special effects supervisor, Dan Curry, is a martial arts expert. Before every scene, I would get [together] with Dan and go over some moves with [him] that were specific to the scene.

Q: Would you play another one of your ancestors on Enterprise if you where offered the chance?

MD: Sure!

Q: What sports do you like? And who is your favorite team?

MD: I'm a baseball fan, big baseball fan. The Dodgers.

Q: Did you like working with Brent on "Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back?"

MD: Yeah! I love music.

Q: What do you think of your likeness in the comic books? Do you have a favorite artist?

MD: I always loved comic books growing up, but seeing yourself as a comic book character is a little unsettling, especially since the character is in such great shape.

Q: Do you think there'll be any more ST:TNG movies?

MD: I seriously don't know.

Q: Mr. Dorn, you've been involved in science fiction for a long time now. What other types of movies would you like to do?

MD: I'd like to do any science fiction movie that doesn't require makeup.

Q: How does it feel to see toys with your likeness?

MD: Pretty scary, because I remember what I used to do to my GI Joe dolls. Somewhere, somebody's doing it to me.

Q: Mr. Dorn, what is the craziest encounter you've had with a Star Trek fan?

MD: To tell the truth, I really haven't had any crazy encounters. Contacts that I've had have been very benign.

Q: Did you get to meet Kate Mulgrew whilst filming?

MD: Not during the filming, but I worked right across the street from her on DS9 and we became acquaintances.

Q: What do you want for Christmas?

MD: A 2001 Ferrari Modeno.

Q: Has your makeup ever fallen off during filming?

MD: Yes. The teeth came out one time.

Q: You have a new movie coming out called "Shade?"

MD: It is a movie about card sharks, with Sylvester Stallone.

Q: What was it like working with the cast of the Original Series? You must be one of the only ones that has worked with all five casts.

MD: They were a real joy to work with, especially DeForest Kelley.

Q: What's the most remote place in the world you've ever been recognized?

MD: Australia.

Q: If things had turned out differently, and you weren't an actor, what would you want to do as a career?

MD: A musician.

Star Trek Host: What do you play?

MD: Bass guitar.

Q: Can fans still reach you via the Paramount address?

MD: Yes.

Q: Have you ever thought about writing scripts?

MD: I do write occasionally, yes. Not for Star Trek, but my own projects.

Star Trek Host: And today's final question ...

Q: A hello from us insomniacs in Israel. There are people around the world who have turned being Klingon into a way of life. You must see them a lot at conventions. What is your attitude toward them?

MD: I always have one question for them, which is: Why do you do that to yourself?

Star Trek Host: Please thank Michael Dorn for joining us today!

Michael Dorn: Thanks everyone! Go out and see "Nemesis!"

Thank you, Michael!

See you in the UK soon!

"Nemesis" was great, thanks!

Merry Christmas from Scotland.

Qapla'!! Live long and prosper.

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