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Аrbitration courts in the Russian Federation
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Arbitration Courts in the Judicial System of the Russian Federation

In accordance with the Federal Constitutional Law “On the Judicial System of the Russian Federation” a unified judicial system has been created in our country. This judicial system includes arbitration courts that enjoy the status of federal courts.

The arbitration courts in Russia administer justice by way of settling economic disputes and examining other cases referred to their competence by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal Constitutional Law “On the Arbitration Courts in the Russian Federation”, the Arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian Federation and by other federal laws adopted in compliance therewith.

In practice, arbitration courts are specialized courts which resolve property and commercial disputes between economic agents. They also examine claims seeking invalidity of governmental acts allegedly violating rights and legitimate interests of businessmen. Such claims include tax, land and other disputes arising out of administrative, financial and other legal relations. They also hear disputes with participation of foreign persons. The system of arbitration courts is organizationally divided into four levels.


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