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In addition to Wembley Arena (0870 400 0688) and MEN Arena (0870 162 2002) box offices, tickets are for sale through the following official ticket outlets: Bookings Direct (0870 735 5000), See Tickets (0870 264 3333), Ticketmaster (0870 534 4444), Piccadilly Ticketline (0161 832 1111) and Stargreen Box Office (020 7734 8932).


“For all the high emotion that under-pinned Minogue’s breathtaking return to the stage on Saturday night, it was her imagination and professionalism which established the historic Showgirl Homecoming concept as a new benchmark for the pop concert. Simply, Minogue is the best act in town when it comes to pop. She is the consummate showgirl. Minogue exceeded those expectations, stunning the capacity crowd with dazzling couture costumes, state-of-the-art lighting and staging, and special effects which almost stunned the delirious crowd into silence. The staging was a knock-out..”

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – Monday 13th November 2006 - SYDNEY

“Bono sings .. Kylie’s praises. The 10,000-strong audience leapt to their feet when Bono made a surprise appearance on stage during the second concert in Kylie’s extravagant Showgirl Homecoming tour at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.. ‘Ladies and gentlemen we are in the company of greatness tonight,’ Minogue said.. Bono then jumped in and said ‘You’re perfect’.. and Bono got down on his knees, kissed Minogue’s hand and thanked her..”

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – Monday 13th November 2006 - SYDNEY

“It was a glorious moment for the pop princess when she returned to the stage last night.. The concert was an extravaganza.. fans were overjoyed.. The opening show of the 20 date tour was nothing less than a triumph..”

THE SUN-HERALD – Sunday 12th November 2006 - SYDNEY

“Kylie’s dazzling stage return. Kylie Minogue last night made a triumphant return.. She was greeted by a deafening roar and a standing ovation .. a lavish greatest hits extravaganza with new lighting choreography and costumes”

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH – Sunday 12th November 2006 - SYDNEY

KYLIE MINOGUE’S return to the stage .. was hailed as a triumph last night by critics and fans alike. .. she blasted back to her best in a succession of eight new costumes .. Her Showgirl tour .. was revamped with extra pizzazz. She performed with 13 dancers, half a truck of feathers imported from the Lido theatre in Paris and a £4m video and laser show.”

THE SUNDAY TIMES – Sunday 12th November 2006 - LONDON