Civil war, crime, cocaine, violence spin a nation down a dark spiral of blood

Gang member shows off his prized gun

Equally proud of both his cross and his gun, a pubescent gang member shows off a prized possession in a Medellin slum.

Originally published Oct. 26, 1997

Stories by Dudley Althaus, Photography by Dave Einsel


Murder victim lies unattended A murder victim lies unattended in a Bogota hospital's emergency room. "People come up with a lot of ways to hurt each other," says Jorge Rueda Torres, a young intern. "It terrifies you."


  • "We are exterminating our youth"
  • With a bullet in his head at 17, Jimmy Botero is one of thousands of young men killed every year in this bloody city
  • Terrorist bombings have become commonplace
  • Street people are targets of "social cleansing"
  • Thousands trek to the grave of drug boss Pablo Escobar
    San Jose Apartado:
  • Hundreds of refugees from Colombia's civil war are marooned in this village while various factions wage cat-and-mouse warfare in the surrounding hills.
  • Fueled by oil and fed by the civil war, a maelstrom of violence builds in the cattle country surrounding this boom town.
  • Civil war unchecked for 35 years
  • A litany of bloodshed, recited for centuries
  • Home-grown law enforcement thrives across Colombia
  • Searching for ways to stop the violence occupies many
    Additional coverage:
  • Assassin has faith in God: Killers in Colombia find religion

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