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Asia Insurance Building

Asia Insurance Building, also known as the A. I. Building, is located at 2 Finlayson Green. It was opened on 10 December 1955 and with 19 floors, stands 57 m tall. It was the tallest building in Southeast Asia when it was completed in 1954, and the first to exceed Cathay Building's claim to height in Singapore. It houses the Asia Insurance, a local company incorporated on 11 July 1923. 

Early History
Prior to the erection of the Asia Insurance Building, the site was occupied by the Union Insurance of Canton. This later moved to its own building in Collyer Quay in 1924. After the move, the site was occupied by the South British Insurance Company before the building was pulled down to make way for the grand Asia Insurance Building. This building was easily recognised from a distance with its distinctive lines and horizontal sunshades.

Design and Use
It was designed by one of Singapore's pioneer architects, Ng Keng Siang. A member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Ng designed the building after the prevailing Modern Movement. He also exhibited a strong liking for eclectic architectural styles. Completed in 1954, the foundation stone was laid by Commissioner-General Malcolm MacDonald on 19 June 1953. In the early years, the building used its excellent location to its best advantage. In 1955, a colossal banner celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth was put up.

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