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Stop Brown's NHS Cuts
Wednesday April 13, 2005
"Take that look off your face" Mr Blair told

Conservatives have launched an election campaign document listing the broken promises of Tony Blair, along with a new cinema advert highlighting smirking images of the Prime Minister.

The advert will be shown on 440 separate screens in approximately 80 cinemas - starting on Friday - and is expected to be seen by more than one million people before May 5.

It features smirking images of the Prime Minister to the song Take That Look Off Your Face, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber - echoing the words of Party Leader Michael Howard when he launched the Conservative election manifesto at the start of the week, and claimed that Mr Blair was "already secretly smirking" at the prospect of victory.

The film includes one key image of Mr Blair being patted on the back by American President George Bush, and another of the Prime Minister stoking up fears about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction - followed by newspaper headlines declaring that none were found.

Other sections of the advert draw a clear distinction between Mr Blair's repeated claims on health and education - and the reality after eight years of Labour rule. And the film goes on to ask views to imagine another half decade of the same broken promises, lies, evasion and spin.

Declared Conservative Co-Chairman Dr Liam Fox: "In 1997, in the bright new dawn of Cool Britannia, Britain elected a new Prime Minister. A New Labour Prime Minister who was to be whiter than white, who was more honest than other politicians, who would deliver on his promises. He told us 'I only know what I believe' and that 'I can only tell the truth'. The song was 'Things can only get better'.

"But then came the reality, the disillusionment, and the lack of trust. Record violent crime. Record hospital acquired infections. Higher taxes. The dodgy dossiers. Immigration chaos."

Dr Fox said: "Things have not got better. Tony Blair didn't turn out to be what he promised. He turned out to be our first karaoke Prime Minister, always desperate to perform, singing whatever tune his audience wanted to hear. But it was only words.

"Now no one believes a word he says. Not even his new best buddy, his New Labour- New Marriage partner Gordon Brown. After eight years of broken promises he says 'we are only half way through the job we started in 1997. Not good enough. Labour say they want to build on the foundations they have laid. Eight years to lay the foundations? Even the Scottish Parliament was quicker than that.

"Tony Blair says it's time to move on. He means let's not examine Labour's record. Sorry Mr. Blair, Tony. It is time for you to be held to account."

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Blair WMD claim

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