Dec 10, 2006
Strobelight Records has released its Kaliffornian Deathrock compilation CD. Kaliffornian Deathrock includes the Burning Image song "Haunted."

Also, check out Moe's Burning Image MySpace site.

April 13, 2005
Burning Image recorded two new songs in January of 2005 at Fat Tracks Recording Studios in Bakersfield, CA for an up coming CD release. We are also in the process of completely overhauling our website with a new and greatly improved design and layout. Keep your eyes peeled for further details.

Aug 1, 2004
We just loaded a bunch of photos of the Burning Image reunion show on our website in the Gallery section, and Joe Sparks has created an awesome photo gallery of his own for all of you wonderful people to see. Check em out!

July 10, 2004
The Burning Image reunion show held at The Maestri Gallery in Downtown Bakersfield, CA on June 19, 2004 was a barn burner! The band played a blistering set in front of literally a wall-to-wall packed house. A very big "THANK YOU!!!" to everyone who showed up and supported us. It was definitely a hoot!

Check out this snippet about the show (and a soon to be printed interview) in Bakersfield's very own underground news letter The Black Board, and be on the lookout in the Gallery section of our website for soon to be added photographs of the show.

May 29, 2004
As you probably already know, the Burning Image "1983-1987" CD is now available in stores worldwide. We also have our mailing list up and running. Simply click on the Mailing List link at the bottom of the page. Join now!

April 26, 2004
We now have a list of retail outlets that will be selling the soon to be released Burning Image "1983-1987" CD. Check it out!

March 19, 2004
The Burning Image "1983-1987" CD, containing 13 original tracks that include The Final Conflict and Burning Image Burning, is scheduled for release on May 18, 2004 as part of the Reissue of Necessity series by Alternative Tentacles.