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Northern England hit hardest by midsummer flooding by Sean Batty

On Monday a band of heavy rain sat for several hours over many northern and western parts of the UK dropping copious amounts of rainfall. The worst hit part of the UK was Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, where 3 people were killed.

Some areas had nearly a months worth of rain in just 24 hours, with the Sheffield area getting between 50-70mm, when the average for the month is around 65mm. This June is already the city’s wettest month ever on record, with the current rainfall total at 260mm.

The wettest place in the UK was Fylingdales in North Yorkshire where an incredible 103mm (just over 4 inches) fell in just 24 hours.

Other badly hit areas were Gloucestershire, Somerset and North Wales.

There were also strong winds for some with gusts nearly reaching 60mph at Aberporth on the west coast of Ceredigion.

The weather will be much quieter on Tuesday, when there still will be showers but they will be light and fairly well scattered.

More showers or longer spells of rain are forecast over the next several days and people should keep up to date with warnings on our website and their local river level information via the Environment Agency website.

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